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Jul 8, 2012 05:37 AM

Montclair--good place to take the kids?

Looking for a good place for a family dinner with our two kids, ages 10 and 13. They can be fairly adventurous eaters but we'd need some place with vegetarian options and not too fancy. We were thinking Ah'Pizz but are open to other suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. In all honesty I would pass on Ah'pizz. It's just not that good. Salute is better . You can also try Raymond's.

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      We actually did end up going to Ah'Pizz and liked it! Each of us got a different pizza and we were all happy with them. I will say that the crust was a little softer than I usually like or prefer but the taste of the crust was great. We passed Salute on our way and thought we'd like to try them too. Thanks!