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Jul 8, 2012 02:42 AM

Best Store Bought Demi-Glace

Heresy, I know, but I don't feel like making stock when it's 100 degrees outside. Any favorites?

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  1. Demi-glaces are the province of upscale supermarkets and food boutiques, rather pricey for most folks to use other than or special recipes. And they are usually used, in small amounts, to enrich sauces, rather than to make soups or stews.

    If you mean bases, all supermarkets routinely carry them. I rely on Better Than Bouillon, particularly the three reduced sodium (there's still plenty) ones, which are beef, chicken, and vegetable. The maker, Superior Touch, also sells online, where it's possible to get flavors I have never seen in the supermarket, including mushroom and beef au jus.

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      Updating to comment that the Superior Touch site for online purchasing is no more.

    2. I recalled that at one point, Nestle offered a 'pure' demi-glace that they sold or marketed to specialty shops or restaurant chains they had contracts with. I wanted to get my hands on it but never did, though i did see something like it in a Whole Foods once and they sold it sporadically in their thrift stores.

      1. D'Artagnan demi-glace.

        1. "Better than Gourmet" produces a very good demi-glace (along with other kinds of reductions.) Look for them on Amazon...

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            I think you mean More Than Gourmet.

          2. If you have a Fresh Market near you, look next to the better than bouillon for demi-glace. I don't recall the brand, and IIRC there was only one brand on the shelf, but it definitely was demi-glace. Publix markets, at the ones near me, don't carry it, only the base or bouillon.