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May 24, 2004 03:04 PM

San Diego Trip- Best Mexican?

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Heading to San Diego this weekend for the first time. Most of the weekend will be filled w/ wedding festivities, but I do have one night for dinner w/ my S.O. beforehand. We are from Boston, so I am looking for something that isn't as easy to get here-- I'm thinking upscale Mexican. I've searched the board a bit, and am considering Candela's and El Agave. Any preference? Any better choices? I was also considering Wine Sellar & Brasserie or Laurel b/c of the wine lists. We are staying in Coronado, but will have a car.

Also, we will have time for a few lunches so would love some recommendations for great food / casual setting for lunch.


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  1. Wake me up to reply by email.

    Mexican? In concept only. El Agave was one of the most, if not the most, expensive "Mexican" meals I have eaten and simply the worst value. It is highly rated by the reviewer that writes for the link below. Candelas was not very Mexican more fusion.

    To help you look, try here, if you have not:

    Of course, if you really want to do it right, head into Tijuana to Cien Anos, La Diferencia or La Espadana. La Escondida is harder to get to, but as good.


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      Well, I wish I got this before our trip. We ended up at Candelas which was okay-- not bad, but far from great. Large portions for the price, but the flavors just didn't seem to come together quite right... nothing wowed me.

      Best meal of the weekend was a late lunch at Point Loma Seafood. Incredible squid tacos-- sweet lightly fried squid, fresh salsa, soft corn tortilla... and of course a great view. Wish I had made it back a second time before we left!

      Before jumping on the redeye last night, we wandered around La Jolla and had an early dinner at George's up on the terrace. I was actually suprised at how good my meal was. Had the halibut which was served over an incredibly sweet white corn with sugar snap peas and tomatoes. Light and delicious, reasonable prices, great waiter, and BEAUTIFUL views.

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        Ouch, Jim!! You have to put the tilda (~) in Cien AƱos. Otherwise, it's called "100 A**holes"!

      2. Just slightly off topic but when you get home, you should check out Tu y Yo in Somerville for non-taco Mexican. Search on the Boston board.


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          Thanks-- I've been meaning to get there!