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Jul 7, 2012 11:04 PM

Pizza experiment - suggestions?


A friend recently told me about corn on pizza. I'm trying to use ingredients below, but I'm wondering what kind of sauces / cheeses would pair well?

On the pizza: (might sound weird but sort of a bet)

Roasted corn

I saw one recipe for corn and bacon + chipotle cream fraiche
Another option may be southwestern flavor with ranchero sauce and jack cheese?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


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  1. cilantro, lime, corn, and jalapeƱos?

    1. Sounds like a very fun pizza. An egg sunny side up is very common on pizzas in Europe. Apparently cracked on at the end or at the last minute, to keep the yolk a bit runny.

      I do share what I take to be your own sense that the usual American red-sauce would not be optimal there, and that something more cream or dairy-based, or a white sauce, would work better. How about a cheddar cheese sauce? Or a barbecue sauce?

      Vircabutar's suggestions are great.

      1. I think an olive oil base and a smattering of crushed garlic would be awesome. Make it a summer's bounty pizza with zucchini, tomatoes, and asparagus to go with the corn. I think fresh mozzarella would give you the most 'pizza-like' feel.

        1. I might pair it with a smoked gouda.

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            I would like to second a smoked cheese. It goes so well with corn.

            What about a garlic mashed potato base with corn and smoked gouda? Some type of fresh herb sprinkled on top after baking?

          2. I would definitely avoid the tomato based sauce. I'm thinking something toward the cornbread end. Bacon/egg/sour cream/chedddar all go nicely in cornbread. Maybe some onion too?