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Pizza experiment - suggestions?


A friend recently told me about corn on pizza. I'm trying to use ingredients below, but I'm wondering what kind of sauces / cheeses would pair well?

On the pizza: (might sound weird but sort of a bet)

Roasted corn

I saw one recipe for corn and bacon + chipotle cream fraiche
Another option may be southwestern flavor with ranchero sauce and jack cheese?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


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  1. cilantro, lime, corn, and jalapeƱos?

    1. Sounds like a very fun pizza. An egg sunny side up is very common on pizzas in Europe. Apparently cracked on at the end or at the last minute, to keep the yolk a bit runny.

      I do share what I take to be your own sense that the usual American red-sauce would not be optimal there, and that something more cream or dairy-based, or a white sauce, would work better. How about a cheddar cheese sauce? Or a barbecue sauce?

      Vircabutar's suggestions are great.

      1. I think an olive oil base and a smattering of crushed garlic would be awesome. Make it a summer's bounty pizza with zucchini, tomatoes, and asparagus to go with the corn. I think fresh mozzarella would give you the most 'pizza-like' feel.

        1. I might pair it with a smoked gouda.

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            I would like to second a smoked cheese. It goes so well with corn.

            What about a garlic mashed potato base with corn and smoked gouda? Some type of fresh herb sprinkled on top after baking?

          2. I would definitely avoid the tomato based sauce. I'm thinking something toward the cornbread end. Bacon/egg/sour cream/chedddar all go nicely in cornbread. Maybe some onion too?

            1. Just a few ideas. Corn goes well with ...

              Melted butter
              Jalapeno peppers
              Black beans
              BBQ chicken

              1. Used to work for a farm-to-table pizza co. In season, we would have corn/zucchini/goat cheese specials with some fresh basil sprinkled on top when it came out of the oven.

                1. Corn, bell peppers, feta, and basil sounds pretty good to me.

                  1. Mexican chorizo goes good with eggs.

                    1. Corn pizza is actually quite common, and delicious.

                      My goto combo is the following:

                      fresh corn
                      balsamic marinated roasted red onions
                      fresh chives

                      1. Ground beef, tomato, green chili, cheddar cheese and corn.