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Jul 7, 2012 09:36 PM


Hey so my birthday is coming up and I wanted to go somewhere with really good food with my family. I generally like Italian food. In the past I have gone to babbo and scarpetta for my birthday and while I enjoyed it I can sense my family who is more picky wanted something more americanized. I wanted to know if Piccolo Angolo was worth going to and how it compared to Roberto near arthur avenue in the bronx or locanda verde which seemed pretty tame. Also any other suggestions would be appreciated. The area of the city does not matter at all.

Thank you!

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  1. ive never been to Roberto in the bx, but i dont think id ever naturally make a comparison between Locanda Verde and Piccolo Angolo. Maybe im missing something about PA but I recently went there for the first time and was somewhat underwhelmed. I had a perfectly ok veal chop (if kind of expensive) and the tastes of the other items I had were, in general, fine but not amazing. i found it really loud and a bit lacking atmosphere-wise.

    Locanda verde was, on the other hand, a really good meal. it doesnt strike me as terrible italian-american (which i generally would read to mean red sauce). its also loud but in a festive/fun way that compliments the slick sceney vibe.

    If i had to pick a replacement for Picolo Angolo (and you had not mentioned locanda verde) id suggest Rubirosa on mulberry.

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      Yea i didn't mean to say the restaurants were similar, just ones that my parents approved of. I really want to know about Roberto though and how it compares to Locanda Verde as a special place. Isn't Rubirosa more of a pizza spot?

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        for info on Roberto consider posting or searching the Outer Boroughs board.

        Rubirosa does have pizza, but it is not nearly my favorite in town, and, in my opinion, is considerably out-shined by the non-pizza food.

    2. I don't know if your birthday has passed or not but I would definitely go. I love the food at PA. Red sauce must mean the same thing as toxic waste to some people on this board. My wife and I have been many times and have always been pleased. The meatballs and oso buco are particularly good.