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Jul 7, 2012 09:26 PM

Donut recipes?

Tried doing a search on here.... I am looking for some good donuts recipes. I have never tried making a donut before but I am planning on making some bacon donuts for a party that is bacon themed.

Found a couple on taste spotting but since I have never made donuts before I am not sure what "tastes" good. I am thinking of doing a deep fried one this time around because I want to make more of a "fluffy/yeast" donut.

This recipe is a "baked" version of something similar to what I am looking for:

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  1. Alton Brown's recipe is fantastic. It's a basic yeast doughnut, that is easy to adapt, in my experience.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! The kids have "making doughnuts" on their summer bucket list, so I'm excited to follow this discussion!