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Jul 7, 2012 09:17 PM

Spiny Lobsters

Where are they? Many of you must recall Ensenada, and going to a long pier where every restaurant served a grilled spiny lobster for $20. They were inexpensive compared to Maine lobsters because they lacked the big claw.

I would be delighted to find one or two to grill in Los Angeles, but fish purveyors look at me as though I am out of my head when I mention such a critter. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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  1. You are much more likely to find them around the LA area during the local season for catching the delectable little devils. California spiny lobster runs from the Saturday before the first Wednesday in October until the first Wednesday after March 15.

    ADD: If anyone is likely to have them, or know where you might find them, it's probably Pearson's Port down in Newport Beach:

    1. Like Servorg says, they're out of season now.

      They're also triple the price of Maine lobsters. Spinies cost $25 - 30 / pound round these parts vs. $7 - 10 / pound for Atlantic lobsters. Most of the catch gets sold to Japan, where ise-ebi commands a premium price, and you're competing against that market pressure.

      Even the Mexican catch is getting shipped to Japan, so the days of dirt-cheap lobster in Ensenada are over too.

      1. If anybody has them, Quality Seafood at the Redondo Pier will have them...for about $30/lb.

        1. Malibu Seafood has them live when in season. Take them away live or they'll cook them up for you: