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Jul 7, 2012 07:58 PM

What type of loaf cake would go well with plum ice cream?

I want to make a loaf cake to serve alongside plum ice cream. I don't know if guests will eat it with the ice cream (I have cookies for the ice cream too) or separately, but it would be nice if it went decently with the ice cream too. Any ideas? I've never made loaf cake before and can't think of anything except maybe an upside down cake, but I'm not sure what kind of fruit I'd use if I made that.

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  1. You can never go wrong with Pound Cake and Fresh Whipped Cream

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    1. re: fourunder

      I agree. I assume you're trying to make the plum ice cream the centerpiece of your dessert course so you wouldn't want to get too adventurous with a wildly flavorful cake that overpowered the featured frozen element.

    2. Okay, thanks guys. I wanted to get a little fancier just so I could enjoy making something different. But maybe this will go better with the ice cream.

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        If the fancyness is what you're seeking, you can certainly hit that with garnishes. Mint leaves, a fresh plum dice, using things like martini glasses for serving, that kind of thing.

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          Thank you. I like the plum dice. Would you add the garnishes after baking then?

      2. If you want fancy, try a rum cake

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          Oh I love rum cake, I haven't made that since I was a kid. Thank you for the suggestion!

          1. Since blueberries are in season for many of us right now, you can make a lemon blueberry poundcake and serve that with your ice cream. As far as an upside down cake goes, sliced pineapple is the fruit you'd want to use there along with some maraschino cherries. If you have any ginger snaps, serve those with your plum ice cream, OR if you prefer, there are many recipes for plum cakes available online as well.