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Jul 7, 2012 07:44 PM

Grocery stores & casual eats in Green Bay? Looking for help.

Texas hound here, looking for some assistance. We are going to be in Green Bay for a few days in mid-September and wonder if any Green Bay hounds can recommend casual restaurants and a good grocery store. We are very casual and value-oriented, and like restaurants that offer good casual food at a decent price. Also, we like to visit local grocery stores on vacation just to see how they differ from our Texas stores.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

Regards from Texas,

Mr Bean

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  1. I grew up in Green Bay, though haven't lived there as an adult, just to keep in mind my experience with my recommendations :)

    For grocery stores, Woodman's (off 41 and Shawano/Dousman) has a great selection for ethnic foods and some of the less available pantry items (xanthan powder, odd grains). I've never heard good things about their produce there, though. I think Festival (41 and Mason) has a pretty good reputation for produce, otherwise it's a pretty standard grocery store.

    Krolls (by the stadium was good for hamburgers, very casual and reasonably priced. They used to have cheese curds, too.

    Bangkok Gardens was a favorite for volcano chicken and pad thai ( In trying to find a recipe online, it seems like volcano chicken might be regional (, so that might be something to try.

    These are two places we still visit when we go back, I'll keep thinking and add any others that come to mind!

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      IMHO I have found Festival stores to be very clean, but more expensive than the run of the mill grocery.

      1. re: exvaxman

        Thanks for that note, exvaxman. We are mostly going just to see what things are different, so clean is a good quality to have for a grocery store. 8^)

        Mr Bean

      2. re: cookingofjoy

        Thanks, coj. I appreciate your input. Woodman's sounds pretty interesting. We have been to Krolls West on a prior trip and found it to be very much up our alley when it comes to dining. I feel sure we will go there again.

        Mr Bean

        1. re: mrbean

          If it is the same Woodmans chain that I shop in the Milwaukee area, You have to go in and check it out. Huge, produce is dumped into the area on a regular basis (much good, much Meh). Prices are great, If you go early in the mornig it is a PIA to shop there due to the restocking, but probable (based on my local ones) the only time you can check out quickly.

          An old post about the Woodmans in Kenosha Wisconsin said that they had three miles of isles to go through. I never checked.

 you might want to blitz through.
          Unlike their predecessor in Manitowic than went under, this place is not cheap. However, the do have some Chicago Metallic commercial items that you may not find elsewhere.

          Festival also has some more local branding. Not cheap, but as stated, very clean and customer friendly for the cost.

          1. re: exvaxman

            Thank you for the follow-up and more info on Woodman's. Wife is stoked to go there and to Festival (she already mapped locations for the trip). I asked her about Cooks Corner and got a "Meh" response. 8^) I think she wants to enjoy vacation and not think about cooking.

            Mr Bean

      3. Due to its sheer size, Woodman's is a must-visit for anyone who's never been there. Of course, being from Texas, a big store is probably nothing special for you.

        I'll second exvaxman's rec on Cook's Corner. Found a couple of interesting wines there and some funky cookie cutters. It was fun.

        Three places I'd eat: first is the legendary Chili John's. This isn't Texas (i.e., real) chili, but keep an open mind and you'll love it. Noted omnivore Jonn Madden ate here every trip to Lambeau.

        Second is a small dive bar called Maricque's, either for the Friday fish fry or for Saturday Booyah. Nothing is more authentic Green Bay/NE Wis than the Booyah tradition, and Maricque's is the appropriate venue. No website that I could find, but this link explains it:

        Finally, this is perhaps a notch above casual and value-oriented, but the Lorelei on Webster serves great homemade German specialties and has a monster beer list - best beer-geek place in town. Friendly people, we even forgive them for being Bears fans.

        Have fun in Titletown and give us the full report!

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        1. re: Rick from Point

          Good input, Rick - I appreciate it very much. We have heard of Chili John's in the context of John Madden and have it on our list to try. While Texas chili is my fav, I have had good chili from various other parts of the country and enjoyed them all. I am pretty sure we will be going to Maricque's for the Friday fish fry. It sounds very cool. Thanks for the link.

          To all - I'll be sure and post a report when we get back in early October. I really appreciate all of the kind inputs from you. The thing I'm looking forward to most is touring Lambeau again. Now, that is a stadium! I love being in there and thinking about all of the history in that place. Even though I am a Cowboy fan, I like and respect everything about the Packers organization.


          Mr Bean