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Jul 7, 2012 05:06 PM

French Sausage Safari

I am having a picnic in honor of Bastille Day and am in search of French sausages. In particular, i am trying to track down a Morteau and a Toulouse. Fox & Obel doesn't carry it; Gene's Sausage, a fine purveyor of Central European sausage does not carry any either. I have suggested to my better half that I could just fly over to Paris and pick some up and still be back for the 14th, but she has given me a look that suggests that it is not such a good idea. Anybody here have any suggestions of a Chicago purveyor of French sausages?

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  1. I'd give Butcher and Larder a call. I'm guessing they'd be willing to work with you on this; if not, they are nice folks and would likely point you in the right direction.

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      I would also recommend checking with Publican Quality Meats.

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        Good call. Toulouse seems to be in the standard rotation there.

      2. I would also check with Paulina Market.

        1. i believ e publican has french, and french style sausage ( not however the herb covered chevaline so beloved byf the provencals)

          1. Thank everyone for your suggestions. We ended up procuring both Morteau and Toulouse sausage at Publican Quality Meats. We first met with skepticism that there could be anything so special about a French sausage. But doubt turned to worshipful admiration as our guests tasted the delightful grilled aucissons. Thank you all for your suggestions and recommendations