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Jul 7, 2012 04:31 PM

visiting during Comedy Festival

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal at the end of July for 3 nights in hopes of some laughs since the US is far from funny right now. We will be staying in Old Montreal and due to the fact that I use crutches for walking I don't tend to go too far afield unless by cab. However, I used to be a professional cook and I really like good food. We live in Maine so no need for lobster or fish unless it's something really different. Not looking for the trendiest...just good food that is well prepared. If any of you are familiar with Portland ME, our favorite restaurants in the Portland area are Fore St., Ribollita, and Emilitsa. Greek...French...Italian... If there is good Chinese that would be a treat. Taking the Metro is, unfortunately, out for me, but are cabs outrageous in Montreal? Traveling with my disability is fairly new so I am still learning how to negotiate cities. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Well, have a look at the thread "5 days in Montreal" (, It shows a lot of what is good in town right now.

    I don't know what is an "outrageous" taxi (driver), but taxis are plenty and safe and very serviceable; and will get you to where you want to go, just have a good destination address.

    One suggestion would be to try to get a reservation at either "Brasserie T" (french bistro) or "F Bar" (portugese) right in the middle of the "Juste pour Rire" (comedy) festival area and get terrasse seating.


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      Thanks Maximilien. By outrageous I meant price.

    2. Hello!

      I don't think taxis are too bad. People just don't take them a lot because we have a decent metro system and montreal is a very walkable city. I wouldn't call them "cheap" but they are not outrageously expensive either. I don't hesitate to take them when I go to a place too far for walking and without access to a metro system.

      Will you be eating around the just for laugh festival or staying in old montreal?

      Some old montreal recommandations (off the top of my head):

      Breakfast: Olive & Gourmando, Le Cartet, Holder. I also like Le Marché la Villette for all the wrong reasons (their food is not exceptional but I like how kitch it looks and the service is always fun).


      Heard good things, never went (i.e.: on my list of places to try myself):Osteria Venti, Da Emma, Restaurant l'Orignal

      Went and liked it: Club Chasse & Peche, Les 400 Coups, Aix Cuisine du terroir, Toqué.

      1. there is a hotel right on festival site (in complexe desjardins) which might be easier for you. Bouillon Bilk is close to festival site but you could take cab the short distance -it got 41/2 stars (out of 5) this weekend by French newspaper critic who said is one of best in Montreal. I dont think cab fares are expensive but you have to deal with major construction on city roads, traffic in tourist areas and occasional manifestation which can slow you but cab drivers aware and take detours-and Old Montreal becomes a traffic nightmare on those nights of the firework festival. There are several restos in festival area so you should not have to go far to have a meal, there is also a breakfast place with terrace overlooking place des festivals. Many restos in Montreal have stairs up or down so you will need to check on that.

        Old Montreal is not an easy place to stay if you are on crutches with cobblestones and congestion. If you stayed at Hyatt you could easily go there for quick respite and they have bar area/pool overlooking festival site

        Have fun and find the Gag screen in outdoor area to be guaranteed lots of laughs!

        1. Taxis are not expensive here but there is A LOT of construction going on and depending on the area you are heading to, can cause loads of traffic.
          I agree with Max's recommendation of Brasserie T's, its location is pretty convenient for the Just for Laughs festival.