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Jul 7, 2012 03:49 PM

Best entree salad in Northern Virginia

Looking for the best entree-sized salad in NoVa - any cuisine okay. Any suggestions in the Tysons Malls, McLean, Falls Church, etc?

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  1. I really like the Mango Chicken and Spiced Pecan salad at Coastal Flats. It is a bed of field greens served over cous cous, with mango, chicken, pecans, grapes, cranberries, and a ginger vinaigrette. I'm not a salad lover by any stretch of the imagination and I crave that salad constantly.

    I believe they have a restaurant in one of the Tysons Malls, I tend to frequent the one in Fairfax Corner.

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      I like all the salads at the Great American Restaurants. Being a pain, I like the salmon on what is supposed to be the roasted chicken salad but all are good.

    2. Can you still get a salad where the ingredients are mixed, or am I behind the times? Seems like when I get an entree salad it's a plate or a bowl with little piles of this and that on top of a bed of lettuce, and the serving dish is rarely big enough to toss the ingredients together without tossing some on to the table.

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        Like I said above, I'm admittedly not a hard core salad eater, but I find the salads at the Great American Restaurants to be well mixed and served in vessels large enough to allow me to poke around and find what I want without making a mess. Can't really speak to the salads other places as I don't have memories of them being well mixed or not.

      2. The Chicken and butternut squash salad at Rustico is super yummy. Really, all of the salads there are good, esp. paired with a good beer!

        1. My favorite entree salad is the grilled shrimp salad at Sea Pearl in Falls Church (Gallows Road). Second is the Thai filet tip salad at Sea Pearl.

          The Great American Restaurant group makes great salads. Try Sweetwater or Coastal Flats in the area you requested.

          1. the two-noodle shrimp salad at carlyle. zomg.