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Jul 7, 2012 03:29 PM

Seafood Dinner near PEM in Salem?

Looking for a good dinner within easy walking distance from the Museum, so we don't have to move the car. Suggestions, please?

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  1. Red's Sandwich Shop on Lafayette. Don't let the name fool you, the seafood was fresh, the waitresses know you are a tourist, and it was really very good. All day breakfast, standard sandwiches, hot lunch specials plus lots of burgers. Old fashioned diner feel with reasonable prices.

    1. For us, the best dinner food in Salem is found at 62 on Wharf, a 10 minute walk from PEM. But I would just drive there because parking is usually plentiful in the big hotel lot (free) behind 62. Pull up the web menu; also a CH Search will bring up lots of raves. It's artisinal Italian and always local seafood included on the menu. Lovely comfortable place and exc service.

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        Rereading, and you said Dinner..... then take opinionatedchef's comments more seriously than mine. Red's is a breakfast-lunch spot.

      2. Finz at Pickering Wharf would be my first choice, you can't beat eating at an outdoor patio on the water . 62 is great, but a this time of year, I would chose Finz. Capt's around the corner is consistently awful.

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            Checking various menus from this and other threads, Finz looks like the place, not least because they are open straight through. Their extensive lunch menu is served until 5:00. Don't know how long we'll spend at the museum or how hungry we'll be. The 62 opens at 5:00 for dinner only. We may have a peek, depending on the hour.

            Thanks, hounds.

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              you bet! plse do post about your experience so we can share w/ future visitors !

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                A late lunch for two at Finz was excellent. We went halfies on the Paella and the Sesame Tuna. The Paella was à la Finz, not quite Portuguese, delicately seasoned, lots of fresh seafood and not much rice. The Tuna was a very thick cut, perfectly seared, also very fresh. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the service was attentive, but we were closing out the lunch crowd so I have no idea how they handle peak hours. Dessert was a tangy Key Lime Pie. (Some of the desserts were sold out by about 3pm.) The Mr. tasted his coffee, then drank it black - a high compliment. We'd go back again for another celebration.

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                  great to know, thnx! (btw, you do know about the peregrine nest atop the Custom House in Boston? One -way glass makes for some really cool observing.)