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Jul 7, 2012 02:50 PM

If I can't get fresh Hatch chiles.......?

If I can't get fresh Hatch chiles would any pepper do? Thanks

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  1. It depends on what you are using them for. Will you be roasting them?

    1. How soon do you need them? I order roasted frozen chiles and have them shipped in.

      1. I think anaheims are readily available and are close in heat and flavour, although I think that I miss some of the levels of taste in some other peppers because their heat is the thing I get most from them.

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        1. re: shallots

          Grocery anaheims are consistently the mildest of the mild. Hatch can be that mild, or quite a bit hotter.

          Anaheims, plus hotter green ones like serranos should be a workable substitute.

          I mostly use poblanos ('pasillas), though they are quite a bit darker than Anaheim/Hatch.

        2. By Hatch I'm assuming you mean NM green chile. These vary considerably in taste/heat depending on variety but there is still a commonality of flavor. Any alternative will be just that. The nearest I have ever got using fresh chile is Anaheims with a few Serranos thrown in for heat.

          The season for fresh NM green lasts just a few months. Here in NM I can continue to get bags of frozen, roasted chiles in the local Farmers Market or green grocer. The freezer sections of the supermarkets carry tubs or large bags of roasted and peeled chile. If neither of these is an option for you, and as your posts suggest that you are on the East Coast I imagine they are not, your best option, as cndij says, is to order frozen roasted chile on-line (but at high cost). There are one or two glass jars of preserved chile that are just about acceptable, I would have to be pretty desperate to use them, but they are still far better than the Hatch brand of canned chile.

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          1. re: andrewtree

            These are not bad:


            But I prefer the frozen ones:


            They're on sale because they are last summer's crop. Mine are starting to loose a little flavor, but still are superior to fresh Anaheims.

          2. once i grilled anaheims and made the hatch chile stew.
            imho, not even close in flavor.
            i live in the seattle area, and my hatch chile connection has moved home to new mexico.
            je suis desolee.

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            1. re: ritabwh

              I'm currently on Long Island so its the typical . The peppers are Bells ,Cubanels ,etc maybe I can find Poblamo's at a Latino Market ,but there are plenty of dried so I thought hydrating the dried and pureeing with both a red and a green for a sauce .

              1. re: scunge

                No other chile tastes like Hatch IMO. Sorry, but they are worth getting some shipped to you in season if possible.

                1. re: Joebob

                  Thanks I'll start my search...... any recommendations ?

                    1. re: carbonaraboy

                      Thanks carbonaraboy. The ability to get real Hatch chiles where I live (HI) is a great comfort to me.