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Jul 7, 2012 01:42 PM

Has anyone been to Becca's in Phoenixville recently?

Based on some favorable reviews from awhile ago, I purchased a Restaurant,com certificate to go to this restaurant. I was thinking of going there when my sister, who lives in California, comes to visit. I don't recall any recent reviews on this board, so I went to Trip Advisor, and some of the reviews were not good. Wondering if any Chowhounds have been there recently?

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  1. I am going to bump my own message up because I really was hoping for some comments. I have a Restaurant,com certificate but it only cost a few dollars, so if someone has been here within the past few months, I really would like to know what you think about dining here.

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      I haven't been there but a friend went about six months ago. She raved about it.

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        It's probably been a year or more since I was last there, but we enjoyed the two meals we've had there. I like to use those certificates to try new places. I find that if I'm a little disappointed in the meal, the certificate softens the disappointment a bit.

      2. We went to Becca's last night and used the Restaurant,com certificate. I would rate it as very good but not great. The service was a little slow but I think that was because we asked to move to a different table since there was an air conditioning vent in back of me blowing cold air. I suspect if we had stayed in the original room, the service might have been somewhat quicker because the room we were moved to had a lot more people in it. My sister and I enjoyed our salads which had blue cheese, nuts and pears. My husband did not care for his crab meat cocktail since he said it was tasteless. We had to ask a few times for water and bread but again that might have been the table issue. The hit of the meal was a tomato and mozzarella flatbread that we shared. In terms of main courses, I had the poached lobster tail which seemed very good (two smaller tails) but almost a little too rich in terms of the side of polenta. My sister had the skate which was excellent, but she was somewhat full at that point to really enjoy it. Our daughter had the vegetarian plate, which while very good, had almost too many things on the plate including two grain type dishes. My husband had the cod which he enjoyed. My husband ordered a decaf (which also took a little while to get) and while there seemed some nice dessert choices, we passed on it.. I was glad we had the certificate, but there are some other places I want to try again before going back there. But it was enjoyable.