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What to do with garlic scapes...please!

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Just left the Andover Farmers Market. Bought some garlic scapes which I have bought previously...but I really do not know how to use them "efficiently".ie to bring out the best taste. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. stirfry. google for tiger and strawberries blog, she's got a ton of great recipes.

    1. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/18/din...

      Garlic scape and white bean dip from the NYTimes , June 18, 2008. Absolutely delicious.

      1. I like them sliced thin in a a noodle soup like ramen or pho.....they can be tough so they need to cook a bit (not like a scallion). They keep pretty well, as I have just used up some that I bought 3 weeks ago at the Rozzie farmer's market, so don't sweat it too hard

        1. Garlic scape pesto (then again, I really LIKE garlic). If they're tough or too strong, you might want to cook the scapes briefly first.

          1. Saute them with some good sliced mushrooms and put them next to a nice steak.

            1. Use them anywhere you would use garlic cloves, but with a heavier hand; they're not as strong as the cloves. Also good in place of scallions.

              1. I love me some scapes in my quahog chowder.

                1. food52.com had Allium as their weekly contest topic recently. here's a link to the Community Picks and other recipes for allium, including garlic scapes:


                  1. Thanks so much everyone! I'll use them today since you have all given me some great ideas!