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Jul 7, 2012 01:35 PM

Jason's Deli

We have eaten there a couple times in the past month. They make a pretty good Reuben sandwich. Only 230 locations so it is still a fairly small chain.

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  1. We like the Jason's Deli in Orlando. The Reuben is great, the muffaletta is pretty good (except they serve it warm, and it is better served cold after sitting out for a while), and even the salad bar is full of solid options. It's no New York-style Jewish or Italian deli, but it's a perfectly good place to grab a sandwich.

    1. Not bad. They have a good selection and variety. My only complaint is that the one by me has the tables way too close together so that you can barely walk between them.

      1. I've eaten there a few times and quite enjoyed myself. I've had the Muff. and disagree. I believe it's better warm.

        I've also had the chili and it was pretty tasty.


        1. The Jason's Deli near us went under last year, but we enjoyed it. My wife liked the salad bar, and I often enjoyed their baked potato with chili.