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Jul 7, 2012 12:10 PM

I have a glut of alpine strawberries

My alpine strawberry plants are going wild...I can pick almost a quart, every couple of days. Anyone cooked or baked with them? I'm thinking about trying a jam.

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  1. Strawberry jam is easy and wonderful. Berries, sugar to taste, maybe a few drops of water, cook on low heat. You can't get those small alpine berries.

    1. Wow, this is what I call a really high-quality problem!

      What, you can't eat a quart of alpine strawberries every few days?

      I would make pie :)

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        I know, poor me, right? :-) I used the plants to border a walkway in a new garden. In their old spot they were not nearly as productive...but the extra hours of sun and a bunch of compost has them going like gangbusters.

        1. strawberry rhubarb crisp!

          1. I sure envy you your problem. Here's the 4-step solution my family employed when we had
            fresh strawberries weren't going to be eaten or otherwise used right away:

            1) Cut in half
            2) Sprinkle with a little sugar
            3) Freeze
            4) Enjoy anytime 'til next year's crop arrives.

            Fresh-picked and frozen they're SO much better than factory farmed frozen strawberries! The sugar helps them to juice out just a little bit. Can be used for instant smoothies or blender cocktails, or thawed and served over ice cream or custard or cereal (like over toasted steel-cut oats with a little brown sugar, mmm!) or just eaten with a spoon. I certainly wouldn't discourage you from making pie or jam or cobblers- especially since they're the super tasty little alpine ones- but do be sure to keep some frozen too. It's fast & easy and you won't be sorry!