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Jul 7, 2012 11:41 AM

Sorrento suggestions?

We are traveling to Sorrento later this month and would love a few recommendations for dinner/lunch spots. Yes, we know Sorrento is a tough place to find great food but if we have a small handful of recommendations that should be enough. We have reviewed some prior postings on this Board but none are very comprehensive.

We have on our list only the following potential spots:

Frattoria Terranova
Re Foods
Chez Noir - in Positano, likely for lunch.

Any other suggestions? Fancy or not fancy doesn't much matter as long as the food is good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. may i suggest tasting limoncello and other liquore's in the Achille Lauro gardens He died and left the gardens to his gardner-- whose family started making limoncello--- it is lovely. they also make lemon sorbet at their gelato place in front of the gardens. now called the giardini di cataldo.

    1. La Torre, just outside Massa.......will offer more details if you want--in the airport right now--we had a very, very good lunch here last fall...not at all touristy.

      1. Agree with Re Foods. Be sure to try the Trilogy appetizer.

        1. Perfecto. Thank you. Most any trilogy of apps sounds like a great idea.

          Any suggestions closer to Naples? Perhaps if we head there for an evening meal.

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            will y you have a car or be relying on public transport?

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              We will have a car. Coming from Puglia. However, once we get to Sorrento we may well drop it off and rely on taxis or similar.

          2. Chantecler's Trattoria Via S.M. della Pieta 38, 80067 Sorrento
            Best food during entire trip to Italy! Do not let the empty tables fool you. It was incredibly tasty!
            This place had delicious, traditional, fresh food and friendly service at very inexpensive prices. It is a small family run business. Luigi's grandmother originally bought the building and the family lives upstairs and works in the restaurant below. Luigi and his family are committed to buying local, fresh ingredients and ensuring customer satisfaction. They go out of their way to make sure you enjoy your meal. This restaurant doesn't get as many customers because it is off the beaten path and is tucked away in an alley that doesn't get as many pedestrians. But don't let the lack of patrons fool you into thinking it's not good. It was better than all of the other more crowded, more expensive restaurants we tried in Sorrento and there was no waiting list. Not to be missed.