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Jul 7, 2012 11:26 AM

Looking for smoked eel in Milwaukee

Before my father passed away, he wanted a smoked eel. I got it for him, but now I want one as well.
A co-worker gave me an address, but all I remember that it was not that far away from
American Science and Surplus , 66th and Oklahoma. Neither of us work there any longer, I only had her email address.
What I remember is that it was a small place hat had huge steps to go up, the eel was in a freezer, and that they sold sliced gyro in the freezer by the pound. My co-worker who did a lot for the Greek church said that it was a Greek deli - I disagreed at the time after going in.

I drove several of the streets, I am not finding the place. Any suggestions?

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  1. My bet would be Parthenon Foods at 92nd & Cleveland.

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    1. re: MilwaukeeChow

      Thank you! You were correct. I picked up an eel and a smolked herring this morning. I already had them while appreciating the cooler weather in the back yard.
      The bad thing - the pre cooked gyro in the freezer had many open bags getting freezer burn.
      If going here only get the vacuum packs.

      I was amazed though with the different feta cheeses. I had forgotten all that they sold.

      Very friendly person behind the counter.

      1. re: exvaxman

        I love that little store. Do they now sell Gyro meat in vacuum packs? The only Gyro meat I could find there in the past was was in cheap "glad bags" in that big chest freezer.

        With the exception of the acerbic wife of the owner, I have found the people that work there incredibly helpful and friendly. Interesting selection of magazines as well.

        Funny how you would mention the feta. The first time I went there I was surprised to see feta from places like Bulgaria and France. I have tried all of them but I like the Greek version the best.

        Their home-made τζατζίκι (Tzatziki) is fantastic.

        1. re: Fowler

          They sell the same pre-packaged gyro that you can find in a number of grocery stores.
          Their prices I believe are higher, but I would have to go check. I have seen it in Sendiks, Woodmans, and somewhere else that escapes me. Back when there was a Cubs(?) food on the south side they stocked it as well.

          With the open bags I was really hesitant to get the non-vacuum packs there.

          1. re: exvaxman

            Out of desperation I have purchased some of those bags and was surprised that they looked freezer burned but were actually ok. They probably have fairly high turnover and the meat does not spend too much time in that freezer chest.

            If you ever want fresh gyro meat that is closer to home for you, check out Oakland Gyros or the place in (of all places) Grand Avenue. Good gyro meat right off of the spit. There is/was (?) a place in the city called something like Ouzo Cafe that had good gyro meat.

            Gotta ask...what did you do with the eel? Even by my weird culinary standards that is an oddity.

            1. re: Fowler

              To be honest, I split the eel, took out the spine and ate the meat. I also had a smoked herring just after.

              My two "goto" places are Spartan Gyro across from the Hmong mall at 76th and mill.
              They also have a good pastrami sandwich that the wife likes. The other is close to the house and is Gyro Palace, across from Kopps on Port Washington rd. for the cost of a burger and fries at the dirty Five Guys at Bayshore, I can get a three lambchop dinner there. They also fry up some frozen calamari that the kid likes. The also open up early - 10:30.

              1. re: exvaxman

                Thanks! I am not familiar with either place. Is Spartan close to Jamaica FeReal? I do not know that neighborhood well.

                I would definitely prefer a three lambchop dinner as opposed to a burger at Five Guys, but does Gyro Palace serve Retsina? I'm all about the Retsina.

                1. re: Fowler

                  No restsina I am afraid.
                  Spartan Is by 76th and mill. Directly across from the hmong shopping mall (great for produce). he is starting to get a good following of regulars. By 66th and silver spring I would also suggest the House of Corned Beef. I llike their corned beef better than Jakes.

                  If you do go to spartan, check out their gyro and pastrami burgers. A little unique for the area. The chicken kabob is a little hit or miss.

            2. re: exvaxman

              Also, I had to laugh about the mention of Cub. I never went to the one on the south side but the one of the northwest side was quite interesting. Located right next to a Treasure Island store and the Cub manager was prosecuted for taking hidden pictures of people in the bathrooms. I seem to recall that the quality of their food was not too good either.

              1. re: Fowler

                Where was the treasure island? I never knew that there was a Cub up this way either.

                1. re: exvaxman

                  It was just north of the intersection of Brown Deer Road and Green Bay Road. I think the Treasure Island was replaced by a Zaire's.

                  1. re: Fowler

                    Around the corner from me. Now that area has an awful pic-n-save. But an HH Greg appliance/electronics store is getting ready to open there as well. A decent discount chain to compete with best lie.

                    You didn't mean the old Zayre's department store did you? That would have been great. dad knew the founder and I could tell a number of stories. But we would have been talking years ago.

            3. re: Fowler

              Hey, if you send me an email through the other forum that covers our area (chowhound does not allow that AFAIK, talking about, I'll spring for an eel to say "thanks" for your help in the past. I also am doing a trip to pt. wash for a whitefish that I can deliver.

        2. Cermak market now has lots of good smoked fish, including eel.