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Jul 7, 2012 10:38 AM

Vegetarian in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The other day I was taken for lunch to a vegetarian restaurant somewhere on Tungurahua - I think it was near the intersection with Miguel Hurtado Antonio, but I'm not sure I heard the driver correctly. It was attached to a storefront selling herbal remedies and possibly had a yoga studio in back. In any case, the lunch was great!

My previous experience with a vegetarian restaurant in Ecuador was disappointing, as it relied too much on fake meat made of soy. This meal was much more compelling. We started with a creamy vegetable soup with pieces of mozarella cheese in it. The main course included a really excellent salad of potatoes, corn, and some creamy but firm purple beans, as well as white rice and a ratatouille-like sautee of onions, green pepper, and tomatoes. There was also a small piece of soy meat, but it had a tasty sauce and wasn't too offensive. With a bottle of water, the total for one was a little over $4. The next table over was having a delicious-looking flan, but we didn't have time for dessert.

Does anyone have any other good vegetarian recommendations in Guayaquil or Ecuador generally - either all vegetarian restaurants, or vegetarian dishes that aren't comprised entirely of rice, beans, and plantains?

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