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Jul 7, 2012 10:27 AM

Some Good HOT Weather Chow

Any suggestions for some foods for the local heat wave?

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  1. RESTAURANTS HUE--LET SOMEONE ELSE DO THE COOKING AND CLEANING UP!!! How about chicken salad with slivered almonds and tarragon mayo--a platter of heirloom tomato slices, cucumber slices and red onion---Southwest corn salad--corn cut off the cob and mixed with chopped onion and bell peppers in a cilantro vinegrette-chilled.

    Chilled lump crabmeat would be good on top of the gazpaucho. And always--icecream and snoballs.. FoiGras

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      During the time when I didn't have power, I make a couple of lunches from Trader Joe's Gazpacho that survived storage in the unpowered refrigerator.

      Drank as much of my ice cream as I could but still have some that re-froze and is probably pretty grainy. Can you re-freeze ice cream in an ice cream freezer and restore it to nearly its full glory? I'm saving it for when it's not too hot to experiment.

      1. re: MikeR cream is all about controlling the water, each time the water in the ice cream,melts and refreezes, the more ice crystals you get.....Try the experiment "once for philosophy"..

    2. Spicy Food! I have been eating at taco joints in Alexandria and had Korean yesterday for lunch at Yechon..

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        Wouldn't the heat make you more unconfortable? but, whatever works for you--go for it. What are the "joints" that provide you with the Spice to keep you Hot or Cool? FoiGras

        1. re: FoiGras

          It makes the day seem cooler! My "joints" are Tacos el Costalilla and especially La Mexicana Bakery for Torta Ahogada!

          1. re: FoiGras

            There's a reason why cultures from hot climates tend to have spicy food. Once you're done eating, you're cooled down!

            1. re: FoiGras

              It is no coincident that the spicier cuisines come from hotter climates . . . more sweat equals better cooling . . . .or perhaps something about dilating capillaries . . .

              1. re: drewpbalzac

                I always crave spicy food during the summer. Well, I crave it all the time, but much more so in the summer. It's a physical craving, too - hard to explain.

                So to keep it local, right now I'm thinking about the chili paneer at Saravana Palace. Yum.

                1. re: VaPaula

                  Or the liquid wasabi cocktail at Sei. Almost mouth-burning, and gets both the cool and the hot points. If only their sushi was as good!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Folks, just a reminder- our Home Cooking board is the best place to discuss chow you want to make at home. Please keep this thread focused on food you can buy in the local area. Thanks.

              1. Ice cold soba noodles with a little Memmi sauce, green onion, and sesame seeds. Grilled unagi if you can find it.