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Jul 7, 2012 10:18 AM

Fruit tasting today at Andy's Orchard

Fabulous fruit tasting at Andy's Orchard today! Dozens of cherries, apricots, pluots, and more. Fascinating and delicious. The best deal are the semi-dried cherries still hanging on the trees -- intense nuggets of cherry flavor.

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  1. I went and had a great time! We went a little overboard on the cherries and bought 15 lbs for two people! Yikes! My stone fruit favorite was the Flavor Supreme Pluot but didn't find any at the orchard.

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      Great to hear! I picked an embarrassingly large amount of cherries too. Must share with friends & neighbors, and freeze a bunch too. To me, the only fruits worth picking my own are the cherries ($2/lb pyo vs $5/lb in the store). With the others selling at just $2.50/lb in the store, I focus on picking cherries and just buy any nectarines, etc. that I want. Honey Kist nectarines are my favorites!

      My favorite pluot is Flavor King, which comes along in August, but I agree Flavor Supreme is excellent. A couple of those white apricots were dreamy too! I hope they'll be offered for sale in the store someday. Or I could try grafting them onto my apricot tree, though I haven't had much luck with that so far.

    2. Didn't attend the tasting, some day I will. But I did stop by Monday afternoon to buy some fruit. The selection was the most picked over I've ever seen. Sunday's customers must have cleaned 'em out. I did buy some Blenheims --- these are picked riper than Olson's, as well as Lapin cherries and Honey Kist nectarines.