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Jul 7, 2012 09:20 AM

Boregi anybody?

Reading David Lebovitz blog over breakfast I saw his picture of boregi. It seems to be a spinach pie of some type - it seems to be a turkish or armenian dish. Internet research seems to point to either a phyllo or pasta spinach and cheese pie. The spinach and cheese seem to match the filling, but phyllo and pasta don't seem to be the correct dough.

Anybody have any ideas?

Here is the blog post:

And here is a direct link to the picture:

I REALLY want to eat whatever is in that picture, but I know I won't be heading to Israel anytime soon!

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    1. The Armenians call it Beoreg. My wife makes it for family get-togethers. She's the one who is half-Armenian. I was raised on Velveeta. ;-)

      Here's a recipe:

      Spinach or Cheese Beoreg.

      Here's a link to the Armenian online cookbook the recipe came from:

      1. That looks incredibly tasty. And very different from borek/boregi I've seen elsewhere. Looks like the filling was rolled into a doughy tube which was then curved into a bagel shape. Usually the dough is more of a phyllo, as you point out.

        1. Thanks all. The closest thing that seems right is the "very delicate, oily phyllo" on the wikipedia sight. It seems more like a bread dough to me. Since I've never tasted it, I may just make the filling Antilope's link and a rich brioche dough and see where that get's me. I'll report back with results once it's cool enough to turn on the oven.

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            This is a Jewish Sephardic dish which is quite similar to the Turkish "burak." Burekas can be prepared with various types of dough: strudel dough (thin leaves), rising dough or with types of prepared dough found in the market. This is a dish served on festive occasions, but also widely sold on Israeli street corners. To be tasty, it must be served hot and fresh.


            1/2 lb. margarine
            1 tsp. salt
            3 cups self-rising flour
            warm water


            1/2 cup cheese (feta)
            1 cup cooked spinach
            3 egg yolks


            1 egg yolk
            sesame seeds to cover

            Dough: Melt the margarine and mix with flour and salt. Add warm water until able to roll dough. Roll it, cut a leaf, and cut circles with a cup.

            Stuffing: Mix all the ingredients. Put one teaspoon of stuffing on each dough circle. Fold in half. On top, spread yolk and sprinkle sesame seeds. Place on a well-greased cookie tray and bake at 350 deg F (180 deg C) until golden (approx. 15-20 min.). Serve hot.