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Jul 7, 2012 07:58 AM

Chinese Roast Piglet - best?

Where can I find the best roast piglet in GTA? I am looking for something that is crispy, a bit fatty with even ratio to flesh, not too salty - and very important, not gamey?

I think the younger the piglet is, it will be more gamey since it will have only fed on sow's milk. thanks!

BTW - don't necessarily need the whole piglet if I can get what I want by weight that is preferrable and hoping to time it when it is piping hot, right out of the roaster.

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  1. If you're referring to suckling pig, peaktop has a good rendition.

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    1. re: plug

      Agree! But they are only available on the weekends and usually sold out by 6.00pm. Best to call ahead and reserve!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Many Portuguese places sell suckling pig. Not sure if it is seasoned the same as Chinese though...

        Alex Rei dos Leitoes (on Ossington at Dundas) is well known.

        1. re: dmartins123

          thanks so much everyone, will give Peaktop a try for sure.

          I have tried Alex Rei dos Leitoes, it was good homey food but it does not compare to Chinese suckling pig!

          Check these out! Has any one every tried them?

          1. re: wano

            wow, the first one you linked is literally twice as expensive as the second ($295 vs. $149), wonder why? i'm looking for a piggy for an upcoming birthday party, so i'm curious...

            wano, how was the alex rei dos leitoes, aside from not being chinese? and how much? their website doesn't say.

            eta: churrasco's is $149 as well.

            1. re: smartygirl

              The website says a piglet serves between 25-35 people. That ain't no piglet!

              1. re: dmartins123

                just looked at them again, pigroastcatering says its piglet is "up to 50 lbs" which would serve close to 50 people, i.e. their pig could be as much as twice the size as roasted piglet, which explains some of the price difference.

                dmartins123, what's your definition of too big to be a piglet? or are you thinking suckling pig?

                1. re: smartygirl

                  I am thinking Portuguese style suckling pig.

                  I have has Chinese style at a wedding a few years ago and while it was very tasty, it also kind of fatty.

                  1. re: dmartins123

                    can't recall the price of alex dos leitoes but it was by plate rather than the whole piglet. It wasn't very expensive maybe $12-14 a plate with some sides like potatoes and veggies. Ok flavour, very tender but not crispy enough. I think much of it comes from how they carve the pig and how they roast it. perhpaps their piggy was too large thus the skin thicker so to balance not over cooking they had to stop before the skin was super crispy.

            2. re: wano

              just a word of warning for y'all... i tried the "order online" option at, didn't get any kind of response, so i called to confirm and was told, "oh, we can't do that, the owner's away."

              why do restaurants have websites with fake info? sigh...

              1. re: smartygirl

                update - we ordered from churrasco's in the end, and they were late delivering, but boy was that some tasty pig!