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Jul 7, 2012 07:35 AM

Rehearsal Dinner with Paebaek Ceremony

I'm looking for a rehearsal dinner space that can accommodate 50-60 people and space for a PaeBaek Ceremony (korean traditional ceremony). We have found a lot of spaces that can do 50 people, but there wouldn't be space to do the ceremony. So I guess we might be looking for a space that can hold up to 75, since we need to allocate about 5'-8' space for this paebaek. Anyone have ideas? Thanks.

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  1. If would be helpful to know your budget as well as your cuisine preferences. That said, here are a few suggestions:

    The Barolo Room at Del Posto can hold up to 80 guests seated.

    The Bellcour Room at Daniel can hold up to 90 seated.

    The Lambs Room at Keens can hold up to 100.

    Craft's main dining room holds up to 100 and can be reserved for private events.