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Jul 7, 2012 06:56 AM

Soba Classes in Tokyo

Anyone know anything about Tsukiji Soba Academy in Tokyo? The class does seem a bit expensive (a flat fee of 31,500 yen for 1-3 people). Anyone tried it or know of any other soba classes?

Also, if anyone else is in Tokyo September 4 and wants to split with us for the class, let me know...

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  1. Inoue Sensei is a great teacher. If you have serious interest in soba I recommend it highly. The soba they serve you is worth at least ¥2,000. Inoue San will really put forth an effort to speak English, and he is a true professional, so if you don't speak Japanese I highly doubt you will find a better option.

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        One thing to keep in mind...if you actually want to start making a lot of good quality soba, the one day class is not going to help you that much. It takes at least a few weeks of constant practice to make something that is even half-decent. Inoue San will demonstrate, and he will feed you his soba, but don't expect to come out of there capable of making soba that you feel confident in serving others. It is definitely nothing like making pasta - it takes years of practice to be good at it. By the end of the first day, the training you receive will only make you realize that you are further away from being able to make soba than you thought you were at the beginning of the day.