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Jul 7, 2012 05:04 AM

ISO pig's blood

That's right: I'm looking for pig's blood. Going to try and make myself some boudin noir next weekend and need to find me some pig blood.

I'm hitting the Meat Locker on Danforth and Fu Yao on Gerrard to see if I can't special order some blood, but I'm curious to know if anyone's actually bought blood and from where.

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  1. I'm sure I've seen it in the freezers of most Asian supermarkets I've been to (T&T, T-Phat, etc). Usually it's in with the Philippine products, you won't need to special order it. Containers look like this, similar sized tubs as sour cream:

    Look for the word "dugo" which is usually in a much larger font than the word "blood". That's probably how you've missed it in the past :-)

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      The Superstore at Weston Road at the 401 has it in containers in their open freezer cabinets.

    2. Well well well. I'm very pleased to say that I'm getting a litre of pigs blood special-ordered to me next week, courtesy of Cheryl at the Meat Department on Danforth.

      It's amazing what can happen when you like your butcher and your butcher likes you!

      Thanks both for the input!