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Jul 7, 2012 02:33 AM

Help with lemon meringue pie!

Hello, im a new user and a new cook. I really want to make a lemon meringue pie but im vEry scared. Alot of people are saying the pie turns soggy and liquidy, basically it doesnt set. What should i do? Ive watched some videos where chefs have said that the meringue will stay put if i cook it a bit and then whip it(excuse my terminology, if very new to cooking /baking). And also i should let the lemon curd cool down before putting it in the pie crust. And i should also blind bake the pie crust. Im going to be using the pillsbury crust, btw. Do i have to blind bake it?

Please ket me know if i have this corrcect:
1) my pie filling should be cooled so it sets (in the fridge? I dont have an a.c in my kitchen and its hot in nyc)
2) my egg whites should be cooked to 160 deg and then whiped in the mixer to stiff peaks (i should clean my mixing bowl with lemon/vinegar to remove oils and to add stability?)
3) my pie crust should be baked for 10 mins.

How long should i leave the pie to set? And how long at what temp should i bake? If everything is cooked, should i just bake for 5-10 mins to get the peeks brown? Also, i dont know if it makes a difference, im baking in a small breville convection oven. So the baking is oretty even, i think.

Anyway, sorry for the really long post, ive been trying to find these answers so i finallybregistered to get some answers from the great cooks here :). Thanks!

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  1. I used a recipe that uses corn starch in the curd. Try adding that into your curd (cook sugar, water, lemon juice, lemon zest and cornstarch until it all dissolves. Then off the heat add in egg slowly). Try getting your hands on a book called "The Perfect Pie" by susan G. purdy. The instructions are so crystal clear. Perfect for a beginner.

    As for the egg whites, look up on youtube for "Italian Meringue." It really makes for a good meringue for lemon pie

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      Yes, i intend on using cornstarch, it seems inspite if that alot of people reported "collapsing". Did it work for u? What was ur complete technique? Thanks.

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        Lemon meringue pie is one of my family's specialties. We also use the cornstarch recipe, although we don't pre-cook the meringue. You just want to bake the final product 'til the peaks are brown. Watch it carefully. When you pre-bake your crust, I would suggest pie weights or even better, dried beans to weigh down your crust so it doesn't collapse. The best advice my mom gave me was, have all your ingredients ready to go before you start. It's an easy recipe, but with several steps it will go more smoothly for you if you have everything pre-measured.

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        2cd on the Italian Meringue. It is much more stable and I have never had it weep. Also if you have a torch it does a great job of browning the Meringue.

      3. Raw beaten egg whites (meringue) go on top of a hot pie...In the oven just long enough to brown the peaks ~~~~ If the pie is cold when you apply the meringue it's very difficult, if not impossible to cook the meringue completely through...the uncooked egg whites will some case causing a watery mess.....

        1. No, you cook your filling, pour it into the baked pie shell while still hot, then top with the meringue and put it in the oven until browned a bit.
          Are you looking at recipes?
          here's a few:

          Here's a thread you might find handy. If you do a search for lemon meringue pie here, you will get lots of help.

          1. Just one little hint about the meringue--when spreading it across the filling, make sure that it touches the crust all the way around, don't leave any visible gaps....

            1. I would never want to discourage anyone from undertaking lemon meringue pie. I made my first as a young teen, and, while there are many steps, it's really not too hard. In fact the hardest part is making a good pie crust, which I see you will be avoiding!

              But I will say that trying to make any meringue pie on a hot and humid New York day is making it much more difficult for yourself. Meringues by their nature will weep and turn sticky when it's humid, and they do the same under refrigeration. So do not blame yourself if it gives you problems.

              One thing that's good to know about baking is that certain recipes just won't work well if it's too hot and/or humid!

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                Thanks for the tip, ill hold it off then. What can i cook on a hot and humid day? I just bought the breville mixer yesterday and am desperate to try it :D

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                  A fruit pie should be fine if you want pie. Or cookies are pretty sturdy. Stuff just gets soggy when it's humid, butter gets melty, etc., and it's more difficult. Not that I don't bake during the summer, I do, I just avoid delicate things if I don't have A/C.