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Jul 6, 2012 10:35 PM

Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

Ezell the former owner of Ezell's opened this place in May and it is delicious!

Chicken was not overly greasy or too "celery salty", but super delicious.
I preferred the spicy which has only a hint of any heat. But both were good. I often describe the experience of eating fried chicken as leaving me feeling a little bit sick, but in a good way. Taste of Soul left the good part but with no sick feeling.

Tried all the sides, my top two were the beans and the potato salad. But the slaw and mashers we're good as well. Beer could have been colder but hey at least they have beer.

Desserts looked good but I was too full to try.

Show this place some love folks it was 7:30 on a Fry-day night and National Fried Chicken Day to boot, only 4 other people having dinner there.

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  1. Where is it? I *love* Ezell's.

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    1. re: Erika L

      3427 Rainier Ave S
      (b/t Walden St & Estelle St)
      Seattle, WA 98144

      1. re: Charles

        Also in Everett, Renton and Lake City.

        Hanna Raskin of Seattle Weekly reviewed them this week . She did a taste test between Heaven Sent chicken and chicken from Ezell's (which still exists after a long court battle, but without Ezell). She said that when she moved to Seattle, she never understood all the fuss about Ezel's chicken--until she tried chicken actually made by Ezell. That was pretty much my reaction--never quite got on the Ezell's bandwagon, but now, THIS is chicken worth getting excited about.

        1. re: MsMaryMc

          Interesting. I too am not impressed by Ezells--too dry. (I love the rolls, though). Sounds like I need to try this place--thanks for the review.

    2. I'm heading there pronto!

      1. Did she take over the Willies location, or is it just near by?

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          1. re: Charles

            I went in last night. The counterman--who may have also been the man who appears on the signage wearing the "GOD IS GOOD - ALL THE TIME" t-shirt--was pretty baffled by our a la carte/piece order and had trouble operating the register. We ended up getting essentially what we wanted at a fair price, however, except that the man never asked whether we wanted "spicy," or not as an option.

            The chicken was taken from resting under the heat lamp, and by the time we got home, it needed a reheating; the turnover at Ezell's is so much greater. It was pretty much on par with Ezell's perhaps somewhat juicier, quite good. Would have preferred a spicier coating. The sides were indistinguishable from Ezell's.

            Will go back again and hope for warmer, spicier chicken. If Heaven Sent can deliver that, it will be in regular rotation ahead of Ezells based on proximity.

            1. re: equinoise

              I beat you to the last of the spicy chicen last night (around 5pm) they were down to thighs and wings, of which I took most if not all. The chicken was tasty and moist, and the spicy coating had a nice flavor and gentle, building heat. However, the breading was pretty soggy... I usually expect a bit of a snap or crunch in fried, breaded chicken skin, and this had nearly none. I'll be giving them another try... need to stop by and ask when they are frying the birds fresh.

        1. Got lunch there today. Eh. Good but nothing to rave about; no better or worse than Ezell's (and farther from home).

          Was there at 12:45-ish and the chicken was sitting under heat lamps (I'd hoped since it was "lunch hour" things might be fresher. Oh well). Had 2 piece white, regular, with beans & cole slaw. Batter didn't have much seasoning. Chicken wasn't particularly moist, but not all dried out either. Pretty unremarkable overall. Beans good (a little sweet but not overly so). Cole slaw was peppery and not too gloppy, but again, nothing I'd rave over. Roll good but a little gummy.

          Worth a try but for me, not worth the extra drive time/distance.

          I hear that the new Med Mix on 23rd has good fried chicken. Will try them next time I get a craving I guess.

          1. On the topic of good fried chicken, I had some on Sunday in Ballard at the Hi-Life, which is in the old Ballard Firehouse. On Sundays only, they offer a chicken dinner for $14 that included 4 pieces, mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit and green beans.

            They do a buttermilk batter with just a hint of spice. The chicken was very evenly cooked and moist, with a slight crunch on the skin. The portions are very generous, we all ended up bringing some home. Their small plates and cocktails were very good too. Good service and the restored Firehouse is a very nice space.