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Jul 6, 2012 09:30 PM

Best Sushi lunch

Looking for the best sushi experience in the city for lunch.
Was thinking of going to Yasuda, Karuma Zushi, or Sasabune.
We are more of sushi traditionalists. We steer clear of specialty type rolls and typically look for simple, perfectly created Nigiri.
Which of the three are best?

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  1. I have not tried all 3, but Sushi Yasuda was where I've had the best sashimi in my life and I'm no stranger to japanese food. I've dined for dinner many times, but only for special occasions due to the price. You would be hard pressed to find better fish unless you travel to Japan. If they have tuna cheek meat available, I recommend you try it.

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      Thanks. I also have been reading some other threads that praise 15 East. Any feedback on how you feel that compares?

      1. re: Heeney

        I haven't tried 15 east yet; I attempted to go there for lunch but I arrived too late as they were closing up and wouldn't re-open until dinner. It is on my list of places to try. I'll be happy to report back on 15 east if I try it soon :) Maybe there's other chowhounds reading this thread who have tried it along with Yasuda and the others- I hope they chime in :)

        1. re: Heeney

          There are plenty of CHs who prefer 15 East to Yasuda. I prefer Yasuda, although Mr. Shimizu (of 15 East) is incredibly personable, more so than any other itamae I've sat with. Having dined at both many times, here's what I'd say.

          For starters, don't worry - they're both delicious, and you'll have a great meal at either one. Neither one does crazy rolls, and they both excel at nigiri. Here's my rundown:

          15 East
          (keep in mind, most of this is contingent on Shimizu being behind the bar. Lately, he's only been serving lunch on some days)
          -Better sashimi
          -Better cooked dishes
          -Friendlier service
          -More relaxed pace
          -More expensive (although if you're doing lunch sets, both place are quite reasonable)

          -Better nigiri
          -Better temaki
          -Wider selection of fish
          -Making reservations can be a bit unpleasant

          1. re: lexismore

            This is a great pro/con.

            One HUGE difference: wine/sake list at 15 East is spectacular.

            While Yasuda has what, one red and one white by the glass offering?

            Also like the feel of 15 East; feels sexier to me.

            Shimizu-san is a rock star. Though, he does treat the ladies a little more special. ;)

            I am firmly in 15 East Camp.