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Jul 6, 2012 09:15 PM

creme brulee - patisserie or take-out in Berkeley/Oakland?

Book club is coming over Monday night, and life is imitating art ( the dinner menu in Ali Smith's "There But For The"). We're hoping for for a better outcome to the dinner party than in the novel. But now we're over-committed on the weekend, and the chorizo and scallop appetizer and the lamb tangine is all we can handle putting together after work on a Monday night.

Any ideas on where can I get enough creme brulees in the Oakland/Berkeley area for dessert for ~10 people on Monday?

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  1. I wonder if the creme brulee cart guy might sell you 10. Might be worth facebooking/tweeting him to see.

    1. you can phone-in order from La Bedaine in Solano Ave, Berkeley I'm pretty sure.

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        That was an excellent idea... but I called and La Bedaine is closed on Monday and the chef pointed out that creme brulee needs to be made day-of. I'll definitely will keep them in mind for any future creme brulee emergencies :-)

        Any other leads? Or perhaps our guests may have to make do with Ben & Jerry's creme brulee ice cream!

      2. I think I've seen them in the pastry case at Berkeley Bowl West.

        They're regular dessert items at Liaison, La Rose, Vanessa's, La Note, and Rendezvous.

        1. Check with The Pasta Shop down on Fourth Street. I can't speak to the quality but I think I've seen them there. Their pre-made foods are typically quite good.