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Jul 6, 2012 09:12 PM

Spanish Olives in Toronto

Hi folks.

I've tried some of the bulk olives in places like Loblaws, but they aren't what I'm looking for. I am searching for some small snack olives from Spain.

Where can I find bulk (or packaged in larger containers) olives like this? I am in Leslieville, don't want to travel far.


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  1. Unico has Spanish olives stuffed with anchovies (white ones). A number of Loblaws and other stores carry them. They're a great snack.

    1. This may seem a little unusual but The Bay at Queen has the small containers that I get in Barcelona - they are located at the west end of the store in the basement in their food court. There are 3 different varieties.

      1. My absolute favourite are the stuffed ones by Fragata. Small cans, Should retail around $2. I've seen them at Scheffler's in SLM, Leslieville Cheese, Pimenton on Mt. Pleasant.

        I've had the lemon ones, anchovy, tuna and garlic and they're all good!

        1. I've bought some arbequinas (my favourite spanish olive) at the Olive and Olives recently.
          They are not too far from your Leslieville location, over in Riverside - just East DeGrassi street on the south side.

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            Seconded. Olive & Olives also carries some nice marinated French olives, sold in vacuum-sealed pouches. Proven├žal herbed, and especially basil & garlic, two of my favourites.

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              I found a European restaurant supply shop in West Toronto, and bought a gallon of Arbequinas. For the life of me I can't find that place. It sells all kinds of Euro foods, is in a busy part of commercial businesses and a ground floor level shop with parking. Anybody know where this is? I thought I had the information, but I don't.