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Jul 6, 2012 07:52 PM

Looking for top 2 restaurants in Saratoga Springs

My husband and I are going next month and are open to any suggestions... Thanks!

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  1. You can get a lot of help here, but you have to be more specific. During racing season, the two hardest restaurants to get into are probably the two Siro's: Siro's and Siro's Trattoria. The top two restaurants to listen to jazz while you eat are One Caroline and Mouzon House. The top two Italian restaurants are Chianti and Capriccio Saratoga. The top two steakhouses are both Prime Saratoga. The top restaurants for refined cuisine are Beekman Street Bistro and Maestro's. The top restaurants for tapas are Max London's and Boca Bistro. Best old Saratoga is Sperry's. The top two fried chicken/Southern--eat twice at Hattie's. Depends what you like. Lots of information on this board, kept up to date by some zealous posters.

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      Wow, thank you!! I had no particular ideas or wishes, been a while since I've been, just want to see what people think at the moment.

    2. My two favorites, in downtown Saratoga Springs, if I am not in any particular mood for specific food (steak, sushi, etc.) are Hattie's and One Caroline.

      If you are looking for steak, Prime Saratoga is the way to go in my opinion. Italian can be hit or miss, but many like Chianti. I don't like it as much as most, but I do eat there. Another I would consider is Wheatfields. Unfortunately, many of my, and other people's, favorites have closed. However, there's still good places left and Hattie's and One Caroline are certainly two of the best in my opinion.

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        Chianti's gets a lot of love on this Board. DZ knows how to run restaurants (maybe Elizabeth's Table will hire them as consultants). I'm not a Chianti's fan either. I think it's better for meat eaters and I only eat poultry and fish.

      2. My current favorites are:

        Mio Posto (only 8 tables . . . 6, 8 & 10 pm seatings)
        Saratoga National
        Maestro's at the Van Dam (outdoor seating)
        Capriccio Saratoga (casual, outdoor seating)

        Have not been to Boca yet.

        There is a long thread "Best Restaurants in Saratoga," etc. It and specific restaurants posts will come up if you search by "Saratoga."


        We will shift our dining out to Albany, etc. from July 20th until September :)

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          You didn't mention price range . . .Maestro's has a prix fixe, 3 course dinner. I think it's $25. Not sure if they offer it during Track Season.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. Price doesn't really matter, just looking for good meals.

            1. re: stephsu

              stephsu, suggest you make reservations. Prime at Saratoga National, Maestro's, Capriccio Saratoga, Boca Bistro are on

              Maestro's will be our last dinner in Toga before Track Season starts :)