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Jul 6, 2012 07:18 PM

ISO Durham Restaurant for Book Club Gathering

Next Thursday our book club will be meeting in Durham. We usually host in our homes, but our Durham member (the rest of us are Raleighites) is in the midst of a kitchen renovation so we decided to do a night out at a local restaurant. There will be 7 of us and several of us need to watch our budgets. A few others are vegetarians. Our Durham host has picked Geer St Garden. but from the reviews, I see that it can be quite loud -- even on the patio. We do want to hear each other. So, two questions:

1. Do you think 7 people can have a conversation at Geer St?

2. What would you suggest for Plan B? We all like ethnic so are open to any cuisine, but it does need to be affordable and good vegie options would be a plus.

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  1. 1013 Bread and Kabob 1013 West Main Street, in addition to the Kabobs they have a very reasonable buffet that would work with both meat eaters and vegetarians. The food is very good and it would be very quiet.

    1. How about Pop's? They have a lot of room, it's a pretty space, and their create your own pasta option easily accommodates vegetarians.

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        Two good suggestions. other requirement: we'd like to be able to stay till 10 pm (even later if possible). We get into some really good discussions. I see Pop's closes at 9:30 and I can't find Bread and Kabob's closing time on their web site (aaargh. A pet peeve of mine) but I suspect they close earlier. It would be nice and quiet though.

        Btw, I used to go to Pop's frequently -- loved their mussels and salty egg pizza, but the last time was a bit of a disappointment. Neither was as good as I remembered.

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          Bread and Kabob also has Hookahs outside, so I'm sure they're open late. No alcohol, though.

            1. re: chazzer

              Think we might want the option of alcohol. Any other suggestions?

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                You might try Bocci near Southpoint Mall on Fayetteville......They have a nice private room in the back and are open until 10PM

            2. re: TerryG

              I would call them and ask. I suspect 9:30 means you have to be in the door by then to be served food but I would be surprised if the staff didn't stay past then to close down the kitchen, etc.

              As for the food, both times I was there recently I got the gnocchi, which I thought was very good.

          1. Food trucks and then into full steam. Price range? Kurama? Li mings? (I am just tossing things out there) bottom of revolution, Thai cafe. Also do note that if you aren't eating and drinking and you are just talking it is considered rude and that you are taking money/tips from the restaurant. 704 west Morgan

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            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              Oh, there will definitely be eating and maybe some drinking -- followed by coffee and maybe a dessert or two, but we will be there a few hours so would feel guilty if the place was crowded with lines.

              Isn't Fullsteam also noisy? Li Mings? Is that the market? Is there a place to eat there? Open how late?

              Researching and thinking... other places that might be possibilities:
              G2B (we had a Chowhound event there a while back and it was good. Not sure if it still is).
              China Palace on Garrett Rd
              Dos Perros and Rue Cler ( too pricey?)
              Beyu Cafe
              Or Mexican choices such as: Los Comales, La Vaquita, La Salamandre

              1. re: TerryG

                G2B is still good - and they are open late. They stay open as long as they have customers in the house.

            2. Guglhupf could work, especially if you are on the patio. Nice range of offerings/prices - drinks too!
              But on Thurs. they close at 9:30.

              1. Thank you all, but we decided to meet in Raleigh until the kitchen renovation is complete.

                We did decide to meet with our SOs for a social gathering at Geer St sometime -- so will get to try it out.

                I appreciate all the great suggestions. Chowhounders are the best!