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Jul 6, 2012 06:23 PM

Would like to visit a Foie Gras farm near Paris

I have been very unsuccessful in looking to take a tour of a foei gras farm near Paris. Is there a link or a farm any of you can recommend in order to do so?

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  1. The Île-de-France is not really renowned for it's Foie Gras. It is mainly produced in Perigord and other areas that are some way from Paris. Thus is may be a fruitless quest unless you want to hop on a train for a couple of hours.

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      Quite agree. Never heard of --and can't imagine there would be-- any in the Paris region. The closest are probably in Normandy, especially the Calvados region. Even if you can locate one, I doubt if any of the farms are geared for tours.

    2. The closest to Paris that you'll find will be in Haute-Normandie, a region that has a long experience of duck breeding. Thus they had no trouble producing very nice foie gras about twenty years ago. The first producers were in Eure and Seine-Maritime, now there are some in Basse-Normandie as well.

      They often season their foie gras with pommeau or a bit of calvados which is a pairing made in heaven.

      There are good producers in Pont-l'Evêque , near Livarot and in the Eure - you can fine some products at the Clos Saint-Marc market in Rouen during the weekends.

      The Southwest certainly does not have a monopoly on foie gras. Think of Alsace. And there are actually foie gras producers in Ile-de-France (Essonne, Yvelines).

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        I have been to a foie gras farm in Blennes between Fontainebleau and sens, Auberge des Trois Canards in the village of Villemaugis. I think it is still considered to be Ile-de-France, but is quite near Nemours.
        Many foie gras farms in the Southwest welcome visits, especially during the feeding process, quite possibly to show that the process is labor-intensive but not cruel. Although I have had dined (very well) at the Auberge des Trois Canards, I have never visited the farm (sure heard the quack-quack-quacking. I don't know if it does visits. The best bet is to make a reservation for a meal (the restaurant part is open on the weekend only; don't forget it's a farm, a real one), and ask if it is ok for you to come earlier and stay later to take a look at the farm.

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          In my experience, many farms accept visits if you call them some time ahead, even when they do not organize visits as a rule. If someone is really interested in the production process, they are happy to show it.

      2. Thank you everyone! I've never been to france so this is all very much appreciated. Auberge Des 3 canards looks very nice! I will consider this!

        I'm also going to be in the Tours, France area. Is this closer to the farms?

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          Not to the ones in Normandy but it would be possible to drop by one of the farms in the Essonne or Seine-et-Marne on your way down to Touraine. Locating things on Google maps gives a better idea.

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            You can see on a map that Tours and Normandy and Blennes make a triangle of 3 different directions.
            According to Google map, the drive between Blennes and Tours is 2 hour 48 minutes.

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              I know that...I was referring to the fact that's many mentions of farms in the southwest was made. I wondered if tours was southwest enough or not yet

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                By southwest one usually means Dordogne, the Lot, the Landes, around there, which is 3, 4 hours at least south of the Tours