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Jul 6, 2012 05:59 PM

Hampton Beach and Portsmouth, NH....need one dinner and one great breakfast

Hi! We are coming up in a few nights for just one night. We'll be staying somewhere between Hampton and Portsmouth. We'll arrive just after lunch and plan on checking out Portsmouth (with our 2 daughters, 5 1/2 and 8) and hope to have dinner in town. After checking out the boards, I still need some help. We are not looking for something pricey....just something interesting and maybe unique to Portsmouth. Our kids will eat just about anything, so that is not an issue. I saw a few mentions of Petey's in Rye for there a great seafood spot in Portsmouth? I saw only one mention of a place called Streetfood 360 that sounded really interesting, but that was it. Any more feedback on that?

For breakfast the following day, we just need a good hearty meal before hitting the beach. Looking for great pancakes and interesting eggs.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I'm underwhelmed by Petey's in Rye, though it certainly has its fans. Food was fresh and it was slightly better than okay, but nothing spectacular. Not inexpensive, either. Avoid the stuffed mushrooms, which were just a big heap of dried-out, crumbled breading. If you wind up there, be prepared for lots of people and noise. Service was decent, though.

    1. Peteys in Rye on the beach is fun for lobster. Jumpin Jays Fisf Cafe in Portsmouth is great for a high end seafood dinner. Golden Egg on 1A from Portsmouth on the way to the beach is great for breakfast.

      1. Street (Maybe Streetfood 360 is the official name) is very good, but it's about a mile outside downtown Portsmouth in a stripmall. If I were visiting somewhere for a short time, I'd prefer the restaurants right in town. Having said that, the restaurants in all pretty pricey.

        The Ferry Landing on "the decks" in Porstmouth is an institution. Food is solidly mediocre, it is too expensive for what you get, but the casual outdoor setting on the water is perfect. Surf is just up the block on Bow Street. It is higher end seafood. It's only been there for a few months/year. I've been there twice and it is definitely good. Water views are excellent, but I don't think there's any outdoor seating.

        Not sure I've been to Petey's, but I'd say it's comparable to the other seafood shacks on Route 1A. Slightly off the beaten path is BG's Boathouse. I think it's in Portsmouth, but is just before you get to Newcastle. It's mostly locals there. Great setting on the water. Fried seafood that's too expensive for being served on paper plates. But, the setting is great and the food is good.

        If you want higher end, keep driving to the Wentworth hotel. To the right of the hotel is Latitudes. Great setting on the water there.

        For breakfast, The Golden Egg is a good option. If you want to be right in Portsmouth, you can go to Friendly Toast, which is a hippie-ish diner. Just expect a long wait. Colby's is really good, but it's small, so also a wait there.

        1. Thanks for the replies. We're back and had a great 24 hour visit. On the way up to Portsmouth we got onto 1A for the scenic route along the coast. We ended up stopping at Petey's at about 2:30 for a quick mid afternoon snack of fried whole belly clams. It was a large side, which meant it was clams only. Pretty tasty, the breading was a bit heavy for my taste, but the 4 of us devoured it in about 5 minutes. Sat outside and watched a seagull picking through a big trash barrel, throwing containers and napkins all over the place. I think they need lids.

          Anyway, on to Portsmouth. What a lovely city. Walked around the whole downtown area and while the restaurants along the water looked nice, we ended up at the Portsmouth Brewery. It was solid. I had the fish and chips, a bit expensive at $17, but it was lightly breaded and very good. My husband had the mussels in a lime chili lemongrass type sauce and he loved it. I would have tried it, but am allergic to mussels. My older daughter had a kids' BLT which was basically an adult size sandwich and she loved it. Younger daughter had kids' pizza. Good menu, good kids' choices, good beer on tap and great service. Our server recommended Colby's for breakfast and we went there.
          7:30 on a Monday morning, no wait at all. I had corned beef hash and eggs. The hash was okay, really tiny chunks of beef and I prefer my hash to be browned and "stuck" together. This was dry and sort of fell apart. My husband and daughters got the "torso-sized" (according to the waiter) pancakes and couldn't finish them. Nice space, good service, good food.

          All in all, it was a great visit. Portsmouth seems like it has a lot of restaurants and I was surprised that more people are not on here praising their cool city. Can't wait to return.