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Jul 6, 2012 04:37 PM

Normandy Beach, France

We will be staying outside Bayeaux, France on the beach at Arromanches. Plans to tour the American Cemetary area then on to Rouen. Any suggestions on eateries that cater to locals rather than tourists. This will be our first trip to France, so I am not sure of the type of cuisine in the area.
Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. We have only gone off season when you're lucky to find anything open let alone good. There was a place we ate in Bayeaux between the tapistry & the cathedral (on the back side) that was good. I'll see if I can find the name, but it was associated with a hotel & had a red awning & a nice outdoor seating area.

    Area is beautiful & the history is moving. Report back if you find something!

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      The name of the resto is Brasserie Reine Mathilde. Very good frittes & nice crepes for a light meal..

    2. We were in Bayeux around DDay and had one of the best meals of our vacation at Le P'tit Resto. An exceptional experience in every way. Not a budget-buster, either.

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        Thanks so much for the name of the Le P'tit Resto in Bayeux and letting me know it is not a budget-buster. Looks like the food even for a light meal is a little more than we we were thinking. We will definitely look it up.

      2. All restaurants are required by law to post their menus outside the building-- which makes it very easy to see what's on offer and for how much.

        In Normandy, pork, apples, and dairy reign -- so you can't really go wrong with any of them.

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          Except that there are no good apples until September-October. They will have cider (alcoholic) and Calvados, though. My favorite is Pommeau. Also raw milk Livarot cheese.

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              except that somehow there never seems to be a shortage of apples in the region -- apples are well-known to keep in cool dry places for months (and can be frozen and canned)