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Jul 6, 2012 04:32 PM


Heya, Fellow Foodies!

I am going to Chicago pretty soon with my dad. His birthday is also really soon. Two things he particularly likes are ICE CREAM, and someone showing that they have done some research. TO combine these, I would like to have a list of some of the best ice cream places in Chicago. Does anyone know where to go?


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  1. I have had some ridiculously good flavors at Black Dog in the past month. They have two locations, but I've only been to the one on Damen. Here's a link to their web site:

    The toasted coconut was awesome, and there was an avocado sorbet that sounded awful, tasted amazing. The flavors change regularly but the servers will steer you in the right direction.

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        For a unique Chicago experience, I'd recommend Mario's Italian Lemonade on Taylor Street in Little Italy. While not true "ice cream," it's a darn tasty frozen treat out of a seasonal stand. There are plenty of places to eat a meal in the neighborhood, too.

    1. It's not really ice cream, but I recently discovered both Scooters (at Paulina and Belmont) and Andy's (Evanston) frozen custard. Both wonderful, but I think Andy's had a slightly creamier product with more interesting "concrete" options. If I can't get Italy's Grom gelato, this will have to do.

      1. I second Black Dog for gelato! So so so so yummy and lots of unique and different flavors.