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Jul 6, 2012 04:26 PM

North Slope / Prospect Heights lunch tomorrow with baby

Coming into BK to see a couple rental apartments tomorrow. First one near 4th and St Marks and then one by Washington and Lincoln. Will have 60-90 minutes to grab a bite in between starting around 11:30-12. As I stated in the title, we'll have a 2 month old with us (and 3 adults). Would like a place that won't have a bad wait.

We've been to Miriam's once pre-baby and enjoyed it, considering going back, but also interested in other options. What about Flatbush Farm or Tom's? recently went to Franny so eliminating that. Really just want the best food that fits our criteria.


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  1. Amorina's pretty good. They're a thin crust pizza and Italian fare place. They are pretty wait-free during lunch. And, they're on Vanderbilt Avenue between Park Place and Prospect Place-only about 6 blocks from Washington & Lincoln.

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      thanks. we ended up slightly changing our plans and ended up going further south in the slope. will keep this in mind after we move to the area in a couple months. we ate at talde which I thought was good, but not great - will write a little more in the talde thread