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Jul 6, 2012 04:18 PM

Jungsik menu

Did the menu format recently change? I was checking it out online and it now looks like the options are either a la carte or a 10 course tasting for $155. I've never been, but I think I remember that there used to be a 3 and 5 course option instead of the a la carte. Might go with a friend soon and trying to figure out the cost & number of items to order if we go a la carte. If we order a la carte, is the set up conducive to sharing?

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  1. The size of the ala carte items might be larger than the tasting menu. I would ask about the size. If they are the same size. For me 5 course was too much. 4 courses was about right.

    1. FYI, chef Jung Sik Yim is back in New York from this weekend.

      1. I went to Jungsik after not being there in awhile.. The original chef is back, and brought some chef help from Korea with him. The hostess/manager Andrea is no longer working there, i will miss her.. The new maitre d' Jin is excellent. The food tonite was fantastic. better than ever. Several new dishes have been put on the menu.
        The a la carte menu has 2 sizes for the dishes, full size and half size. IMO 5 half size or 3 full size is more than enough. I don't think I could do the 10 course. Maybe could share it with someone. I was pretty stuffed after 4 half size dishes but continued to have several more.
        I'll attach some photos, but i didn't want to use a flash , so the quality doesn't do the food justice.
        I started with the amuses bouches, rice cracker, watermelon dish, fried chicken and gaspacho ,,,
        then on to yellowtail hew, a delicious sashimi dish with tomato vinegraitte and greens, I didn't take notes , and am too lazy to look at menu pages , so this is by memory . then i had the braised octopus, octopus to rival 15 East ,, fantastic dish,,,,, on to the cripsy pork belly with rice and crispy quinoa and kimchee, my favorite dish ,,,,next was the black bass with crispy skin with scales left on , well prepared dish,,,,, then i had a korean gnocchi dish, i forgot the korean name , but these potato balls are popular in a certain region of korea i was told. A great tasting dish,,, ahhh bess i almost forgot the galbi dish ,, it was excellent ,,i think they used to serve it with rice like bibimbop but no rice now,,,i usually add kimchee to it. The dessert i chose was plum mousse,,, plum puree, with white chocolate, and creme brûlée and plum gelee, excellent dessert,, then a dark chocolate complimentary dessert and petit fours of macaron, chocolate greache, and free tea financier,,,,,, excellent meal ,, wonderful staff ( all new) ,,, and fantastic place ,,better than ever

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        1. re: foodwhisperer

          thanks for posting this. we picked another place (still need to write that one up) but wil need to make it here eventually

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Was there for first time on Tuesday the 28th of August. Place is a dichotomy.
            Appearance- like a formal train car, did not work for me. Took the old Chanterelle space
            and took it from wide and roomy to a bit narrow and claustrophobic,

            Service- almost too accommodating, very nice people but hovered a lot.
            Reason might have been only 9 seats were taken,

            Wine list-Brilliant, very well thought out at all price points and seemed to be a 2x markup
            which for Manhattan was stellar.

            Food- The two of us had the following, all portions were the fullsize
            Octopus-interesting method, best ever, no, but thoroughly enjoyed.
            Pork belly-Almost mirepoix sized chunks of pork belly with vegetables and sauce
            served in an oblong cereal bowl. OK, no flavors broke through.
            Black cod- Wonderful presentation and prep, perfect fish resting on spicy puddle of sauce
            Smoked pork jowl-This was what the belly should have been, 1.5 inch cubes cooked
            perfectly in a soy and vinegar sauce l drank after the pork.
            Tea duck-Served in large bite size chunks and crispy on the outside, pink within, one of
            favorite duck dishes ever.
            Wagyu short ribs-Served without the bone in a super sauce,fav dish of night.

            The dichotomy was that while the food was wonderful, the wine list exciting, and the service very helpful, and my company great, l wonder if l will return.

            First will they be there ? Nine seats filled cannot make the mammoth nut they have.
            Secondly, l do not think it was fun, quite fussy when not needed.

            OTOH, Thank Heavens they offered ALC or l would not have been there in the first place.

            $500/2 with two bottles of wine.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Your first reason is interesting and I actually take the opposite stance. I love Jungsik and would like to have it around for quite some time so I can continue enjoy the wonderful cuisine there. So, I try to recommend it to people I know as well as patronize it myself.

              In terms of fussiness, I'm not sure about that. I find it no fussier than EMP or Per Se or Le Bernardin or any of other top restaurants in the city.

              Glad you enjoyed the food there. :)

              1. re: Cheeryvisage

                You make my point. When last at Per Se, was fussy until the captain realized we were there for more fun, so as with most Michelin high starred places in Europe, it opened up.
                At Jungsik it never got to be fun. Few smiles, no laughs. Perhaps not their bent or responsibility, but it is what l seek in better dining places as l do in neighborhood places. l do not enjoy the 'temple' atmosphere.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Ok so here's a question—would Michelin starred places in Japan similarly "open up" predicated on the mood of their guests? I do wonder if there are cultural differences at play.

                  1. re: calf

                    Actually at the four *** Michelin l have been to in Japan, while they were more reserved, they opened up a lot, more than l was expecting. In my travels in Asia, l have found the Koreans to be more American like both in good and bad ways than any other Asian culture and have enjoyed my visits to Korea as the people seem to be fun.

                2. re: Cheeryvisage

                  More l think about the meal, the better it has become.

                  1. re: Cheeryvisage

                    I agree that they need more business at Jungsik to cover the overhead. However, I think the food is better than ever. I think the change in menu flexibility will help this tremendously. They need a good NY Times review or some Michelin stars, although I hate Michelin,it does seem to make a huge difference on getting a place packed. I do like the idea that I can walk in any time and get a table. Jungsik is in my neighborhood, so it is very convenient.
                    BLue Ribbon Izakaya is another place that can use more business, their space is huge and is usually empty.
                    As far as Jungsik service goes, I enjoy their good service. It has also improved tremendously. They lighten up a bit with me, as far as stiffness goes. I always have a good time at Jungsik, with an enjoyable meal.

                3. re: foodwhisperer

                  Could anyone please detail the size differences for the ALC items a bit more? I know foodwhisperer opined that 5 half dishes or 3 full dishes would be more than enough, but I'm just trying to get a better sense of the differences so that we may mix and match the different sizes and dishes. Thanks.

                  1. re: Kirk_T

                    For example, the full size duck dish (great duck!) is 4 pieces of duck. The half-size is 2 pieces instead. I'll try to upload the photos I took of my meal this past Monday soon and update this thread.

                    1. re: Kirk_T

                      Cheery is spot on, the smoked jowl was 5-6 decent pieces, our duck was 6 pieces. The two apps we had were small enough l would not want to get the smaller portion especially if two are tasting from them. We had three full dishes apiece with no dessert or coffee and was enough food, not really too much.

                      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                        I was a first-timer and had the tasting menu last night. I would endorse the very positive comments as to the quality of the food. There were so many great courses but for me the fish dishes stood out. Service was very good, not amazing. Atmosphere was quite good - it might have been three quarters full at its peak which warmed the place up quite a bit. The only reservation I have with what was an excellent overall experience was the size of the courses. I was still slightly hungry after 3.5 hours of dining, which surprised me after reading previous comments about the food size being adequate if not large. This wasn't my experience with other tastings, including Per Se, Bouley and Del Posto. Still, I will go back.

                        1. re: jewelin

                          Next time order a la carte small dishes. You will leave happy and stuffed.

                  2. Just came back from Jungsik...

                    All these reviews set my expectation pretty high and I was afraid to be disappointed.

                    Well, wow! What a dinner!

                    I was not hungry so I ordered only two savory dishes (small portions) and a dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious!

                    The amouse bouches, funny and tasty (especially the soups) as they should be.
                    The bossam, one of the best dishes I had in the last few months, the short ribs, perfection (I might have liked it even more without the tzaziki sauce, but it didn't hurt), and the strawberry cremeux, outstanding.

                    Service was impeccable and ambience really nice.

                    The overall experience and the fact that I live 3 blocks away made me decide that I'll be back really soon...

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                    1. re: alepenazzi

                      What did you like about the strawberry cremeux? I was confused by it, I don't even recall the dish very well.

                      1. re: calf

                        The spinach sponge cake was the most unexpected part of it to be delicious, texture and taste were great, and the ice cream went so well with the strawberry... It was refreshing, sweet but not too sweet and I thought the strawberries were not overpowering the other flavors on the dish letting you taste each one of them.

                        I don't know why I liked it so much, I'm more of a chocolate person, but I thought it was the perfect end to that meal.
                        Maybe I was excited to have found such a good place 5 min from home, but I think that it was a really good, well thought and perfectly executed dessert..

                      2. re: alepenazzi

                        Glad to hear the food is still great. I chose the plum mousse last time for dessert. I do love that one can order a la carte now. I'm a few blocks away also. Although I hope they get some good publicity, so that they stay in business. If the publicity i.e. reviews , are too good , getting in will be a problem. That's what has happened at Ichimura, last 3 times I couldn't get a seat.

                      3. Do you have to order the Fixed price diner here or can you order al la cart

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                        1. re: DebDude

                          You can do as you prefer.. They have both options, have a look at their website..

                          1. re: DebDude


                            Probably 90 pct of restaurants these days post their menus, and prices.

                            Marea, Jungsik included.

                            1. re: DebDude

                              I prefer the ala carte ordering. But for a first time meal , probably the tasting menu is a better idea. Once you know what you like, then pick an choose.