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Jul 6, 2012 04:16 PM

5 days in New York

I will be in the city at the end of August. We are planning on Eleven Madison Park and Per Se. I would like another fine dining option for one night or in case we don't get into these. I also would like your opinions on the best Italian. I know everyone here loves Babbo, but I have eaten there and thought it was good but not excellent. Who has the best homemade pastas? Finally, I would like to know the best steak option. I am leaning toward Lugers for the history since I have never been. Is Sparks still there and is it good? Also have heard of Keen. I would like to know your thoughts.

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  1. For EMP and Per Se, also consider lunch as a way of getting in.

    I would look into Scarpetta, Ciano, Maialino, or Locanda Verde for pastas.

    For Lugers, book ASAP. They take reservations 60 days out.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for these suggestions.....anyone else have others for Italian, steak and one more fine dining option? Surprised at the lack of responses....where are you New Yorkers?

      1. re: blanford

        I adore Marea's pastas (octopus and bone marrow). I imagine Ai Fori's just as good since they're both owned by Michael White.

        1. re: blanford

          Sparks was never as good as Luger's and still isn't. Keens is better than Sparks -- and an excellent, highly recommendable place on the whole -- but for steak alone Luger's is better.

          No place in New York is better than Luger's for steak. I'd say Minetta Tavern comes closest (although it's a whole different thing).

          Seems silly not to have Le Bernardin as your third fine-dining option. For something a little more to the left of that, Corton.

          1. re: Sneakeater

            I have been to Le Betnadin 4 times so wanted to try someplace new.

            1. re: blanford

              OK. Sorry.

              (Think about Corton, then.)

        2. re: kathryn

          What is everyone' suggestion between Scarpetta, Ciano and Locanda Verde?

          1. re: blanford

            What kind of atmosphere do you like? Do you have an issue with noise? Locanda Verde gets pretty loud. Scarpetta is a little more subdued but not quiet. The decor at Scarpetta is more sleek and they have a nice skylight. LV feels a bit more cavernous to me. Though the cocktails are better at LV.

          2. re: kathryn

            I prefer lunch at luger because you can get a burger as an app which is excellent and the rest of the food is exactly the same.

            I would do luger or keens before sparks. Luger being my favorite.

          3. The Modern is great...I ate there on saturday night...

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            1. re: Joebear1982

              The Modern IS great. I like Tocqueville.

            2. Can I get everyone's suggestion between Scarpetta, Ciano and Locanda Verde?

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              1. re: blanford

                I havent been to Ciano, but deciding between Scarpetta and LV on food alone, I'd go to LV without a second thought. I know there is a lot of love on this board for Scarpetta, but I was incredibly disappointed 2x with their food. (I thought the first time was a fluke, so I went back a second time). LV, although loud, and a little cramped, was delicious each time I've been. (Dinner 2x and Brunch).

                1. re: ilovetoeat23

                  I think CIano is probably better than Locanda Verde and Scarpetta. It's also more subdued than either of them (and, I think, somewhat more expensive).

                  So it depends in part on what you're looking for. For "fun", Locanda Verde. For better food but more "grown up" (for lack of a better word), Ciano.

                  Scarpetta is more toward the "fun" side. I agree with ilovetoeat23 in preferring LV, though.