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Jul 6, 2012 04:13 PM

Best gourmet supermarkets near Minneapolis Mid-City Industrial, 35W and Stinson?

I'm in Los Angeles and just learned a good friend just came out of the hospital after getting *severely* hurt in a bicycle hit-and-run accident.

He's okay and recovering, but he's stir-crazy inside his condo, in the boring process of recovery. He really can't go anywhere without friends helping him.

I'd like to send him some great foodstuffs from a nice gourmet supermarket to stock his fridge. What's nearby? Any recommendations? I have some in-town friends who can deliver the goods, but they don't live in that area, and I'd like to call and get a nice gift basket made ahead of time for them to pick up.

Any ideas of what's really good in the area? One-stop shopping for a great meat counter, cheese counter, liquor selection?

Thanks very much for any help and suggestions!

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  1. Full service great grocery store is Lund's on Hennepin ave.Its probably 3 miles from where I think your friend is.Right next to Lunds is Surdyk's which is a top class wine,liquor,cheese and gourmet store.Also for eastern European in- house sausages,meats,bakery is Kramarczuk's which is right next to to Lund's and Surdyk's.

    1. Pretty sure I can do this for you. Hit and run? I don't remember hearing about this one.

      1. Immediate proximity is going to be limiting. There are old school grocery stores (predominantly packaged foods in proportion to fresh/gourmet), a family of Whole Foods stores including two newly opened (proportionately more fresh ingredients and carefully sourced meats), and there's an abundance of food cooperatives (lots of fresh ingredients, and locally produced products - Wedge, Seward, Mississippi Market, and Eastside in the general area of Northeast that you're querying).

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          Thanks, all. Yeah, the Lund''s/Surdyk's/Kramarczuk's triumvirate might be the way to go...I think I know where that is...around St Anthony area. We hit it before a fishing trip shopping.

          Kuan, accident happened right near the Eagle Building Co. lofts.

          I've got an in-town friend who's offered to make the delivery, so I think I can take it from here. I was wondering if there was anything closer than St. Anthony, and if not I still needed shikken to shake awake the names of those stores and where they were.

          Thanks all! You can't imagine how just a little informational help like this can go a long way towards making someone's life a little happier.

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            Hmm, we can't send PM's on this board. If you need me you can PM me. I'm kuando on

        2. Lunds & Byerly's (Google them) also do home delivery, so you can visit their site and have the gourmet fare delivered right to his door.

          1. In Minnesota, the grocers generally cannot sell alcohol.

            Was your friend on a bike and hit by a car or hit by a bike?