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Jul 6, 2012 03:47 PM

Fish Scalers
What type of utensil is the person using to scrape the scales off the fish? I checked on amazon for fish scaler, all I found were pointy ones where you would have to rake the fish back and forth and make the scales fly EVERYWHERE! I found something that is similar to the utensil in the video but it's a turner/flipper.. Here's the link of the utensil I found on amazon similar to the one in the video:

Edit: I think I should make one point clear... I asked for what type the utensil the person in the video is using.... Not on "How to scale a fish."

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  1. It appears to be a small, very stiff, spatula. Never would have thought of trying that. It certainly seems to be working well in the video. I immediately thought of the Dexter Russel spatulas when I watched the video.

    1. That utensil is simply a spatula. Has absolutely ZERO to do with scaling fish. Frankly, I think anything sold as a "fish scaler" is yet another gadget that nobody really needs unless they're in the fish market business. And even THOSE people don't use gadgets.

      I just use a blunt knife & either de-scale in a deep sink, or outdoors. There really is no getting away from the scales flying. That's just the way it is. If you don't want to deal with it & you're not dealing with your own fresh-caught fish, have your fishmonger do it for you. It's normally a free service (along with gutting, dressing, etc.) that goes along with buying whole fish.

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        Yeah, but most of the time my monger doesn't scale the under belly =/. I don't mind a few scale flying around, I just don't want a lot of scales flying around, the one in the video, the scales hardly flew anywhere.

        1. re: Bacardi1

          Well, you obviously have the fish monger do it if you are purchasing said fish. However, if one catches the fish oneself it is a simple matter to hand it off to the cook who then instructs one of his lesser assistants to scale it forthwith.

          From the tone of the OP I assumed he or she was one of the 99%ers who might have to scale a fish personally. : shudders:

          1. re: kengk

            I AM one of the "lesser" assistants...

        2. I got a couple of these but have yet to use it. So I cannot say whether it is a good concept that works or or a good concept gone bad. I typically use the back edge of a knife.

          1. I use a Berkley Scaler.

            It's cheap and dual purpose; it scales fish, and it opens beer bottles.

            As for best place for scaling, I suggest doing it outdoors, while using a garden hose.

            I also highly suggest finding and training a child willing to perform this task (preferably one of your own) for small amounts of cash, as soon as possible...

            And it looks like the guy in the video is using one of those little metal spatulas that they make okonomiyaki with in Tokyo...

            1. I had a chance today to use the Westmark that I mentioned earlier. Scaled a large slab of salmon. It worked well, catching most of the scales. I found running it at an angle to the fish worked. So I guess it was worth the investment