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Jul 6, 2012 03:36 PM

Ideas for doctoring-up premixed margaritas

Let me preface by saying that "No, I don't hate margaritas at all". In fact, more often then not I prepare mix from scratch. However I'm on a covert beach BBQ mission where alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Please no judgement calls, just suggestions on how to improve my premixed cocktail. Salud & TIA.

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  1. #1 trick for improving premixed margaritas = add more tequila. some fresh lime juice also helps.

    1. Totally agree with cookiemonster about adding more Tequila. Some of the ready mixed brands only come to around 9% and, I think you'll agree, that that is just not acceptable for your Margaritary fix.

      Add more tequila for heat, extra lime for acid and - the secret, for me, to transforming an average margarita to a GREAT one - add a splash of fresh orange juice. It adds a warmth and complexity to the cocktail.

      You can also play around with using different salts for the rim. Try not to use horrid table salt - it really is ghastly. Grab some Maldon sea salt from the UK - larger, uneven, light flakes that come without a bleached out chemical taste and that won't choke you when you inhale over your cocktail, like table salt risks!


      1. If you are going to improve them by adding tequila and lime as other have suggested, just make them with 3 parts tequila, 2 parts Cointreau, and 1 part fresh lime juice (or whatever ratio you like). This is not really harder than doctoring up a crappy mix which will still taste like a crappy mix doctored up. Then pour into the discreet container of your choice. You could use something like a bike water bottle which would let you add ice from your cooler at the last minute.

        An analogy: If you make gazpacho by "doctoring up" V8 or canned tomato juice with fresh vegetables, try it by starting with pureed fresh tomatoes. You won't believe the difference.

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        1. I don't understand the situation. You're allowed to bring a premixed -- and doctored -- Margarita to the beach, but not a homemade one in the same container? How will anyone know the difference?

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            I had the same thought- unless only premixed alcoholic drinks are allowed- in which case you're already breaking the rule- just make from scratch as you already do "more often than not", and pour into whatever container you're using. Mixes are full of nasty stuff like cheap mixto tequila, corn syrup, preservatives, dyes etc and usually contain no or hardly any juice. Sorry I can't help with your original question, but I think you're wasting the good ingredients you're using to "doctor up" the mix.

            1. re: tinnywatty

              Nah it is probably just a beach where no alcoholic beverages are permitted and she wants to smuggle some in easily. I agree with everyone, though, that it would be a much better margarita if you made it from scratch yourself and just poured over ice in a Solo cup as desired.