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Jul 6, 2012 03:28 PM


EEK! I need to make an emergency purchase. Any thoughts on brands you love or hate? I really want a freezer on the bottom style.

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  1. Look at Frigidaire. My Mom just had one of their air conditioner installed and the remote was in the package (it was supposed to be). The customer service people were SO nice, helpful and friendly, I was that impressed! Remote arrived in two day, no charge for anything,

    To me, All things being equal, the customer service makes the deal for me.

    1. It's all about budget....................
      Personally, I like SubZero, but it's not in everyone's budget.
      We have both side by side in our main kitchen and one with a bottom freezer in our auxilliary kitchen. Both have been replaced in the past few years (older ones were more than 20 years old) and the new ones are very much more energy efficient. Great design, workmanship, and quality materials.

      1. I have a freezer in the bottom with the two doors on the top by LG. Don't buy one. The door seals are terrible and cause the doors to creep open and hose up your food. The ice maker broke right after warranty ended. (1 year)

        1. You might try asking on the Cookware board. I think you'll get some good advice there.

          1. HATE - Electrolux. Nothing but problems and bad customer service. Pretty though!