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Jul 6, 2012 01:22 PM

Recommendations for Restaurant in Oakland NJ Area

I'd like to send a former colleague a gift certificate ($100) for a nice restaurant in the Oakland (Bergen County) area. No idea of his food preferences, but I suspect he and his wife steer clear of anything too exotic. Recommendations?

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  1. Can't think of much actually in Oakland. I was on the bowling team in college, and we used to practice there. Nearby Wayne has just about every chain restaurant imaginable, and they all offer gift certificates. How about the River Palm in Fairlawn?

    1. Wayne Steakhouse might be an option. It's BYO, so 100 would go a long way. Well, it would cover about 75% of the bill for 2.

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        Which is better - Wayne Steakhouse or River Palm in Fairlawn? (I recall a CH thread pointing out differences in the food at the different River Palm restaurants, so I'm specifically interested in comparison of Wayne Steakhouse to the Fairlawn River Palm.) Also, another place I've seen in this area mentioned on CH is Picnic in Radburn. How does it compare to these other two places? - Thanks.

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          Never been to Wayne Steakhouse - River Palm is very expensive - $100 could cover one person if he wanted an appy and drink - all sides are extra. Picnic is very good - small place, the menu changes daily, Chef's Table doesn't have a website - but you can see the reviews on Trip Advisor, and Zagats

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            Wayne Steakhouse is one of the Peter Luger clones, in that it has a very very similar menu and, perhaps more importantly, style of cooking (and bacon). I prefer it to the Fairlawn River Palm because I'm partial to the Luger style of preparing and serving steak. River Palm's steaks have never impressed me all that much.

        2. Cafe L'Amore is a nice BYOB Italian restaurant located in Oakland. It doesn;t look like much from the outside, but it has delicous food

          1. Delpinos is another BYOB located in Franklin Lakes - one town over and The Chef's Table is another choice in Franklin Lakes

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              Thanks for all your suggestions! Very helpful.

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                  I would choose Timbers over the Valley Stables - Valley Stables is like a non-chain Friday's

            2. I love Seafood and Varka in Ramsey or Oceanos in Fairlawn is just off 208 are both good options.
              Cenzino is very good Italian in Oakland
              Rosemary and Sage on hamburg turnpike in riverdale is only about 10 minutes from there and has excellent food.
              Rocca Italian in Glen Rock