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Jul 6, 2012 12:43 PM

Kosher/Shabbat in Spain?

Considering a trip to Spain (probably Barcelona/Madrid) next month and wondering if there are any updates as to kosher food availability? Saw a website advertising a kosher restaurant "Delicias" in Barcelona, yet not sure it really exists. Shabbat experiences in Madrid vs Barcelona vs southern parts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Your safest bet would be to contact the Chabad shlichim in both communities

    1. I love both Madrid and Barcelona, but the really fun place to spend Shabbat is Gibraltar. Several wonderful, historic shuls to daven in, and I assume that the restaurant that serves wonderful Shabbat meals is still there. If you're touring, you'll want to get to Andalusia, and it's right over the border. What's great about it is the Shabbat atmosphere of being in a real and vibrant Jewish community. (Also the bakery.) And on Shabbat afternoon you can walk around and explore the city, unlike Madrid and Barcelona, which are enormous, Gibraltar is a deightfully walkable city. Then head back to Spain on Sunday morning.