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Jul 6, 2012 12:24 PM

Post-tubing casual dinner (Port Jervis on back towards Peekskill)? (Weds night)

We're going tubing on July 11 for a birthday treat, and wanted to find a casual place (well, not a diner) for early-ish dinner on our way back to northern Westchester. Most anything except Asian-fusion will satisfy we omnivores.

Thanks for any suggestions

Nancy C

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  1. Please help us out here folks - forgot to mention this is a 54th Birthday Outing, complete with a promised round or two of bowling!

    1. Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery is a real treat. If the weather permits they have a couple of outdoor tables. It's high-end food in a casual setting. It's not far from I-84, west of Stewart Airport in Newburgh so its right on your way.

      Check out their Facebook page for incredible photos of their food.

      1. well, what's your idea of "casual"?

        you might want to check out my review of Table 9 in Peekskill.
        it's kind of a 'nice' atmosphere take on higher end diner food.

        of course for a birthday especially, I would personally lean toward nicer places:
        Aroma Osteria
        il barrilotto

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        1. re: weedy

          She asked for on the way back. Thyme is past Peekskill (and I had a terrible meal there recently and will not be going back), and Aroma Osteria is out of the way.

          Back Yard Bistro is an amazing place that I only heard about because of HVRW. It's one of the few places that I have gone back to at full price. Check their site and you'll see the food. It's also located near Newburgh and about halfway (although taking Route 17 would probably be more direct to Peekskill). It's casual in setting but high end in food.

          1. re: MisterBill2

            Thyme is virtually IN Peekskill (for all but a technicality) and my several good meals there count as much as your one bad one. you know?
            I WILL be going back.

            1. re: weedy

              Glad you like it. In any event, she said "on our way back to northern Westchester". She didn't say "after we get home".

              1. re: MisterBill2

                I'm sure she NEEDED the thread police.

                so, Nancy, where did you end up?

                1. re: weedy

                  Be ye kind, forgiving one another...

        2. I recommend Cosimo's on Union, right off of rte. 84 in Newburgh. Nice but relaxed atmosphere- salads, pizzas, pastas and Italian entrees. Maybe about halfway home, so you can recuperate fro the day on the river before eating.

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          1. re: Leslie

            Hello al! I'll check these out online tonight (off to work!) - thank you for the ideas. Will report back on where we landed. Have a happy day!

            1. re: Nancy C

              Hello all... we wound up at Backyard Bistro. We'd forgotten to call and reserve, so when we finished our tubing adventure (thank you, Kittatiny Canoes), we called to see if they could manage the two of us. YES, table for two available, but only outdoors - otherwise we're filled up. What with how beautiful it was yesterday, OK by us! Arrived 6:45 to a very pleasant setting (I think I prefer outside to the rather ordinaire and seemingly over-cooled by AC dining room, except for some modest street noise from the nearby road, which diminished as the evening rolled along).

              Well, we tried as many varied things as two hungry folks can - next time we'll bring others so we can taste more broadly. Two perfect elderflower infused margaritas. Two yummy apps: Chanterelles/favas, etc., and smoked trout with plum gazpacho. Mains: spouse had lemon ricotta agnolotti with hen of the woods/greens, and I had loin of lamb. Mine was perfect. Flavor of the pasta was fine, but it should have been cooked another minute or two. Desserts were quite good: creme brulee with layered chocolate ganache (PERFECT) and an interesting play on a cheese plate: frozen blue cheese mousse (the little logs in the photo) with grilled figs, walnuts, honey and crumbled shortbreads. Shortbread was a tad dry, and the color of the mouse sort of "wrong" for a dessert, but it worked together overall. A perfect, if undersized decaf espresso for me. Bill was about $130 (CASH or AMEX only) I think. Efficient and pleasant wait staff, well coordinated in their comings/goings. I'd go back for sure.

              Thanks to all for the suggestions... we truly appreciate your help in making this a memorable and enjoyable outing (no sunburn from tubing adventure was a plus!)

              1. re: Nancy C

                I'm so glad you had dinner there I was intrigued when Mr. Bill mentioned this place and you took pictures too... BTW I'm curious how was the tubing the water levels have been very low however the 9th was a dam release date, did it help?

                1. re: chowdom

                  Off topic! But it was flowing about 1 MPH from Barryville to Luke's Landing, so the 3 mile trip took 3+ hours. Sunscreen mandatory! Do check out the Basement Bistro if you can... was really nice. If you are seated outside, consider some skeeter repellent - I think they got my naked ankles at the end of the night... sigh.

                  1. re: Nancy C

                    Thank you Nancy it sounds like a perfect day all around minus the mosquitoes. I love places with great food and a casual vibe and look forward to trying
                    Back Yard Bistro next time we are up that way. Interesting you commented on the looks of your dessert. I felt some of the desserts featured on the website were a bit umm strange looking.

                2. re: Nancy C

                  That's great that you were able to go! Their food is so unusual and wonderful that it was the best choice given that you were driving right past (and it's not like most people are in that area very often). I had the creme brulee the last time we were there and it was amazing. I have a horseback riding Groupon nearby that I have to use next month and we're going to arrange the time so we can have dinner at BB afterwards.

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Thx for tipping us off to Back Yard Bistro MrBill.

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      Ooo... horseback riding? Love it.... Enjoy both aspects of your outing. Now, I'm going to try to score a table at the elusive Basement Bistro one of these days.

                      1. re: Nancy C

                        FYI, it's Back Yard, not Basement.

                        BTW the menu changes monthly.

                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          Hi Mr Bill - Actually, I DO mean the elusive Basement Bistro (different restaurant), hard to get into. Gonna try for the fall.


              2. ooh - landed on this post by accident but just in time as we are driving from danbury ct to milford pa on saturday - at lunchtime - perfect opportunity to stop for a bite! hoping lunch is as tasty as your dinner - and already regretting that we will also only be two for the meal, so not enough to sample many items. (maybe the people at the next table would want to share???)

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                1. re: hungrykids

                  Call ahead to make sure they can accomodate you! And let us know what you ate :0)

                  1. re: Nancy C

                    the best laid plans....we ended up leaving late and skipping lunch. our loss. maybe next time!