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Jul 6, 2012 12:04 PM

Vietnamese in Westminster for lunch tomorrow, need great rec.

Hello, hello,

My friend is visiting from NJ, we're going to see an exhibition in Newport Beach tomorrow and he has requested Pho for lunch. Anybody has a recommendation for a place that has some great Pho, but also does other types of Vietnamese foods? Friend loves holes in the wall and his food, he's not afraid of scary ratings.

He's also a dessert type (so am I), so additional recs for a place to grab ice cream/gelato/pastry and possibly an espresso on our way to Newport Beach after would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. As for the gelato/pastry in Newport Beach area, I love Corona del Mar Plaza for its Gelato Paradiso, and right next door, Sprinkles cupcakes. Both very, very good at what they do. This plaza is right next door to the library, on Avocado, also a Peet's coffee and Bristol Farms.

    1. Great pho with other Vietnamese stuff= Pho Thanh Lich: Chicken pho is very good/excellent, filet mignon pho is very good, oxtail pho is very good. Also good are the fried spring rolls and buc loc lac (shaking beef).

      Consider Trieu Chow (the one on Newhope, NOT New Trieu Chau) for their house special noodles. You can get pho noodles in a broth made from long simmered soup bones and bits of fatty pork. It comes with duck leg, 2 kinds of chicken, shrimp, and pork balls. Delicious. They also have plenty of other noodle dishes both in soup and dry. The soup bones are available as a side order so you can knaw on the meaty bits.

      1. I'd say Pho 79 in Westminster is pretty good, one of the oldest one I believe. There are few of them, we've been to the one at Hazard and Brookhurst, and the one inside the Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon.

        1. thank you all, I think we're covered. I'll present all your options to my friend and he will choose, though I hope he will select Trieu Chow. It sounds like my type of place.

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            If you go to Trieu Chau only go to the one on 1st/Bolsa and Newhope.


            Parking is a pain and the lines get busy starting 1030am. Around noon? Fuggedaboutit!

            If you want pho noodles ask for "house special, small white noodles, in soup."

            I also recommend the "house special, thin yellow noodles, dry, with a side of bone soup."

            The truly hardcore get both white and yellow noodles in soup. But the portions are beyond generous and I wouldn't get both unless you are a glutton amongst gluttons.

            Don't forget to apply the chile sauce in the silver tins. Wonderful stuff.

            They will ask if you want your sprouts cooked or not cooked. I usually order cooked for the dry noodles and not cooked for the noodles in soup.

            Some will recommend the fried crullers to dip in the soup. I don't find them all that special.

            Enjoy! It's good stuff.

          2. I don't care for Gelato Paradiso, it is too sweet. The only great gelato around here is from P. Mozza. Maybe you can seat at the bar and have their great gelato.

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              +1 on the gelato at P.Mozza. The pistachio and olive oil gelati are my favorites.